Marina at Midnight Exhibition

Marina at Midnight Exhibition


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Fri 13 Jun 2014 - Mon 25 Aug 2014

When walking into a gallery you might expect to see paintings hanging on the wall or sculptures spread across the floor. But that won't be the case if you step into the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens between now and the 25th August. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find anything.

The Serpentine has always focussed on alternative forms - or as I call it, questionable forms - of art. It brings audiences something that cannot be bought or displayed in the home, as most of the work is sight specific.

Marina at Midnight is not a site specific exhibition - you'd be hard pressed to call it an exhibition at all - but neither is it something you can take away with you. That is unless you invite the artist to come live in your home.

That is because, in this instance, the artist is also the artwork. Marina Abramovi& #263 ; is a Serbian performing artist, who in 2010 presented herself at New York's Museum of Modern Art. She sat in a chair behind a table, and invited visitors to share a few moments silence with her before moving on. Abramovi& #263 ; did this for over seven hundred and thirty-six hours with no breaks, no movement, and no words.

Now she is bringing a similar performance to London's Serpentine Gallery titled 512 Hours. Although the duration of the show is shorter, it will be no less gruelling as she has removed the table and chair. Abramovi& #263 ; will open the gallery at 10am, stand the for eight hours, while interacting with the audience and common objects, and then close the gallery at 6pm. Her work does no end there, however. At midnight, Abramovi& #263 ; will record a digital diary about the events that took place during those eight hours. Each will be published online and made available for visitors to see. The project is called Marina at Midnight , and you can watch the clips in conjunction with your visit from the Serpentine Gallery's website.

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