Marble Beer House, Chorlton

Marble Beer House, Chorlton


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After being converted from a Marble Beers beer shop in the late 1990s, the Marble Beer House on Manchester Road has firmly established itself as a key stop on any Chorlton pub crawl.

The pub, part of Manchester Marble Beers, was Trafford and Hulme CAMRAs pub of the year in 2011, and with seven hand pulls lining the relatively small bar, there's no prizes for guessing what this tavern does best.

What is there to drink?
Most of the brews at Beer House come straight from the 12 barrel plant just down the road on Williamson Street, plus the odd guest, and with most on sale for under £3 a pint it's nice to see the benefit passed onto the punters.

Beer House also stocks a selection of German, Belgian and Eastern European bottled lagers and wheat beers, although at a price much more in line with other premium beer vendors in Manchester.

Marble Ginger, a beer that displays a blend of cloves, coriander with plenty of fiery ginger, is an essential part of any respectable suburban session around this area.

Sounds all right, who thought of that?
Marble beers began brewing in 1997 after owner Vance Debechval and manager Mark Dade, inspired by everything from Pictish brewery in Rochdale to Russian River brewery in California, set up a 4.5 barrel plant in the back room of The Marble Arch.

Whilst Marble alumni have gone onto form breweries such as Black Isle, Thornbridge, Black Jack and Buxton, the current crop continue to innovate and recent collaborations have seen Marble brew with John Keeling, Kees Bubberman, Colin Stronge and Stuart Ross.

Who frequents the place?
In the afternoons you'll find Beer House largely populated by old boys nursing a pint of Manchester Bitter whilst mulling over a weekday paper, plus the odd work-from-home grad updating their blog on a laptop.

Come nightfall Beer House hosts a typical Chorlton crowd of bobble-hatted suburban hipsters discussing band nights over a Logonda IPA, and thirty-something dads slipping off to sink a quick one before dinner.

Is that it?
A range of beers can also be bought on the Marble website – although the prices are not as easy to swallow as they are in the pub – and there are takeout packs to be snapped up at last orders. They also sell Illy coffee, although you won't catch many patrons drinking it.

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