Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery


Posted 2021-08-06 by Jay Johnsonfollow
Lockdown felt like a lifetime. Art and culture were forbidden and galleries were closed. The saying you don't know what you're missing until it's gone was completely true. I used to love wandering around art galleries and never saw it as an extraordinary experience but from now on I won't be taking anything for granted.

As I'm sure you can imagine, I was delighted to find out Manchester Art Gallery is back open and I went along to check out the changes.

It was so lovely to be back in such a familiar space. The gallery team have gone to a lot of trouble to make the space safe. This will be a relief to anyone who is still anxious about being in public spaces.

There is now a one way system to follow and tickets must be booked for the exhibitions to limit the numbers going in. It is free for anyone just looking around the main galleries, which is what I did. The current exhibition is also free but tickets are required.

It was amazing being back after not visiting for way over a year. There are some new collections around the gallery and the classics that any locals will know and love. I liked the increased number of modern art pieces dotted around which were great to see.

The shop is back open with lots of new items. It is also now possible to shop online which is something new and allows you to pick up some great products and support the gallery from the comfort of your home. The whole gallery was filled with people enjoying some culture - it was a breath of fresh air to be around others enjoying a day out.

For those wondering about safety, the gallery, like most public spaces in the UK, now is encouraging mask-wearing but it is optional. There was a mix of people wearing them and those choosing not to just like other public spaces at the moment. Hopefully, the encouragement to socially distance and the fact that you can wear a mask if you want, will help people feel safe. I certainly did on this trip and am looking forward to visiting again.

The opening times have changed. The gallery used to be open most days but is now open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am until 5pm. Hopefully, the late-night opening will return in the future but for now, this gives anyone wanting to visit plenty of time to check out the exhibitions.

I really enjoyed my trip for some well-needed culture. It is great to see more places opening up and life returning to the city centre.

I definitely plan to go again as the staff have done an amazing job opening up to the public.

Make sure to pay a visit next time you are in Manchester for some free art and culture.

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