Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream


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When it comes to unique ice cream spots, it doesn't get better than this. Situated in Camden (and also Chinatown) you will find Europe's first-ever Filipino ice cream parlour. Yep, you guessed it, for all the Filipino's out there who love their Ube, this is the place for you.

Created by the foodie king of Camden Omar Shah, this venue has been hot to trot on the Food Insider and general London food scene. Omar has followed family, culture, experience and put passion into all his successful restaurants including Guanabana , Bintang , Ramo Ramen and now .

I had the pleasure of heading into when I was back in my old stomping ground in Camden. First pitstop was of course at Guanabana for dinner followed by dessert and an overdue catch up with old London friends at Mamasons.

When you first enter the ice cream parlour, it has decor, lashings of baby pink coupled with rustic furniture and eclectic palm tree prints and fresh greenery make it a really cool experience. The impressive menu takes a step outside the box with an array of flavours that you wouldn't typically find unless you grew up in the Philippines.

The recommendations were to try a little bit of everything, considering we had come so far. The first to slide across the table was one of the most unique ice creams to take me all the way back to my childhood. It was the Milo Ice Cream in a Pandesal. Milo, for those of you who didn't grow up in Australia or Asia is a tin sent from the gods. A malted chocolate household favourite that was often served in icy cold milk after school as a cheeky treat. The same delicious taste has remained intact over the years and now for the 30 year old somethings out there (like me) they can relive their youth by indulging in milo ice cream. Served in a toasted pandesal (a milk bun) creates the ultimate flavour hit of a hot ice cream sandwich, warm on the outside and creamy on the inside, delicious.

Next to make a show-stopping entry was the vibrate Ube Ice Cream on a Ube Brownie and in a Donut along with the Black Buko Ice Cream on a Buko Crumble Pie. Each such a contrast from the other. One lilac and one black as night. The Ube ice cream is a signature dish in the Phillippines and ube is used in a variety of dishes including cakes and even spread on toast. It is made from purple yams, a staple dish in Filipino culture and known for being a great source of healthy carbs, fibre, vitamins, and potassium. takes this versatile vegetable and crafts it into a creamy flavourful ice cream that when put in sugary doughnuts or on a ube based brownies they pack a punch and really keep your taste buds singing.

The Black Buko Ice Cream on Buko Crumble Pie was visually appealing and really tasty. Curbing any sweet tooth would be hard with this stand out dish. Black Buko Ice Cream is creamy coconut ice cream combined with activated charcoal. It brings a nice tropical taste to the streets of Camden. Teamed with the warm Buko Crumble Pie; a baked golden coconut pie with a young coconut meat filling and encased in a delicious flaky crumble crust; it was a crowd favourite. If you are wondering if your teeth go black after having this, they don't so enjoy!

also dabble in some sorbets, two that were brought out to our table were the Guyabano which is known in English as soursop or custard apple a unique tropical fruit; and the Kalamansi which is a Philippine lime. Each was quite light and refreshing without being overly sweet which was great. The soursop was the lighter coloured one while the Kalamansi was the yellow coloured sorbet.

Overall the experience at in Camden was 10 out of 10. The service was spot on and it was great to experience a twist to the dessert scene with the introduction of other unique cultural flavours from the Philippines. The staff and owner Omar are passionate about what they do and it really resonates from the outset. Definitely one for the foodies out there and those that have a sweet tooth and are keen to try something new.

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