Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market


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Foodies, rejoice. Maltby Street market is by far the best market I have been to in central London.

Compact, but deceptively dense, the market is quite literally filled with vendors, surprisingly large holes in the wall that function as restaurants, with tables, chairs and bars, as well as tables covered in a plethora of cakes that have you at first sight.

The Ropewalk hangs above the entrance of the market and whilst it doesn't seem clear what the title refers to, once you've entered the market from the above header, you feel like you've entered into another world: an area full of smells, scents and sights.

To your immediate right is a stall selling Jamaican jerk-flavoured sausages and pulled meats. This might tempt you, but there is so much more if you can pull yourself away from the wonderful flavours wafting your way.

Meander down the street if possible; it was busy when I visited last week on Sunday and as I made my way down the street it became more congested.

If you're claustraphobic, avoid this market, if you're a foodie, like me, you'll love it. This is a bustling foodie market, as the heat and smoke rose higher from the frying confit burgers and grilled flatbreads, the sights became more glorious. Halfway down the market was a stand of the most sensational looking desserts.

There was a caramel and nut luxury pie, a chocolate slab with caramel popcorn, oversized white chocolate cookies and a plum upside down cake.

Towards the end was a small table, littered with jewel-coloured half-sandwiches was where I found lunch.

The sandwiches (£3.00 per slice), served bruschetta-style were slices of sourdough bread spread with a mixed beetroot and avocado hash topped with rocket leaves and generous knobs of goats cheese. I gladly tucked into mine as soon as I bought it and the pairing of goats cheese and beetroot-avocado spread, was marriage-worthy. The cheese was soft yet tangy and the spread was earthy but also creamy. As I devoured the half-sandwich the rocket served its purpose and added just enough peppery seasoning to give the creamy, yet tangy slice, bite. It was a satisfying mouthful and I couldn't have been more grateful that the wonderful vendor had made the joyful bites.

It was a warm day when I visited, but if you're feeling the weather pinch a little there are at least five venues open for business down the bustling street. The oyster shack selling dry gin, to the Lasso ALOHA bar, where a live band play with a smooth, scratchy jazz singer at the front, literally singing for the masses. There's plenty to choose from.

I found this market using Google maps on my smartphone, but its really only a ten minute walk from London Bridge train station. Once you go past the Shangri-La hotel, which is behind the station you're only a few turns and a crossing away from the market.

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