Lyme Park House and Garden

Lyme Park House and Garden


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Surrounded by acres of green fields, trees and deer, Lyme Park House miraculously nestles itself in the scenery despite its illustrious appearance.

As you embark upon the long journey down the driveway that endlessly twists and turns through the extensive fields, you soon forget the memories of the main roads and cityscape and find yourself immersed in a land fit for a fairy tale.

Lyme Park House and the vast, scenic gardens is an estate located in Cheshire. Built in the 16th Century, it has no become a highly popular tourist attraction, filling up drastically particularly on sunny, bank holiday weekends. This does not cause too many problems as the car park facilities are able to cope.

For a price, you are able to look round the gardens and the house that have evidently had plenty of work put into them. On my visit, the rose garden had unfortunately not begun to flower, however the relaxing atmosphere and fantastic landscape made up for this. Of course, being bank holiday weekend, when I visited it was incredibly busy, if quiet time is your thing then it would probably be best to find a different time to visit.

The pond in the gardens attracted plenty of people, and whilst the sun was shining it was a perfect place to lie on the grass and relax.

Perhaps what really added to the experience was the good weather, had it been rainy and dark, the scene could well have looked like something from a sinister period drama or horror story. Regardless, it all added to the character of the place.

Located around the car park and in the cellar of the house itself were places to eat. We chose to sit down in the restaurant in the cellar which, contrary to immediate assumptions, was not damp, or dark. The food served there was of a great quality - the fish, salad and cheese oatcake was fantastic.

If ice cream, snacks and coffee are more your cup of tea there are plenty of places around the car park that serve these goods. There was also a more cafeteria-style place to eat up at the house itself.

The deer are not hard to spot, though having been around the gardens and the house for most of our visit we only got to see them as we left.

Lyme Park House is a great place to visit with family, friends or a loved one. It is an escape from day to day life, something different to experience and the people who work to keep the property in a good condition are doing a brilliant job. I recommend this to anyone who has some free time and find themselves up near Cheshire.

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