Birthday Party at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Birthday Party at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


Posted 2017-09-02 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
So, my older daughter turned 13 recently. As we wondered how she could celebrate this milestone, it hit me that there are not many options for this age-group, i.e 12-14 years or the tweenies. Things which cater for children, mean really for kids between 5-11 years. And, things which cater for teenagers, really mean 15 and above. Then, of course, there are those party places which do stuff for babies and pre schoolers in the 0-5 years age group. You see my point!

Anyway, long story short, she asked if she could have a Lush birthday party at Wimbledon Lush. Her dad and I went through the logistics and agreed after we found that the rates were quite competitive. The rest of this is a commentary on what 10 very excited giggly girls did there and what my take is following this!

So, Lush organises birthday parties targeting this niche. There are 3 party options and we chose the second one called 'Fun and Games'. Priced at around £20 per head, it includes a £5 shopping voucher for each child (so that takes care of the 'party favours' thing- one thing less on the list for mums to do !). One has the option of a 5.30pm slot or a 7.30pm slot and the party lasts for 1.5 hours. The shop is closed to other customers and one has the exclusive run of the place.

Our party hostess got the girls to start off with a lip balm based ice breaker game. Then, they were divided into 2 groups into a treasure hunt style where they had to go around looking for certain products in the shop which contained particular ingredients. This generated some energy and laughs! Our hostess did a bit of science talk as well in snippets as she explained what the function of certain ingredients were to create the soaps and lotions. The group was then given their own bit of raw material not unlike plasticine and they could create their own bath bombs with that and a few other bits and bobs. The picture below shows them deeply engrossed in this task.

My husband and I did our little wandering around the store and stumbled upon our own treasures. He chanced upon a book that outlined the story of the late Veerappan- a notorious sandalwood smuggler who used to operate in certain forest regions of Southern India, very close to hubby's hometown. Seeing this book around 7000 miles away, he explained to the staff why it felt like it was about the 'boy next door'. In a real random act of kindness, they presented the book to him as a gift!

By this time, the giggly group was ready with their bath bombs and given free reign to pick their own little lotions and potions with the £5 budget. We ended with some more photos and realised time was already up when the first parent showed up at the door.

This party, as I mentioned earlier does target a very niche clientele. But, if you do have someone in mind in that age group, then this is an idea you might want to explore.

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