Lundenwic Cafe

Lundenwic Cafe


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My favourite place to go for a coffee since my arrival here in London is Lundenwic Cafe.

I first noticed it on an aimless stroll after hopping off the train at Charing Cross Station. Now, if I ever alight there, while there are many places for coffee closer than Lundenwic, I make the effort to go that little bit further. I have found it worth my while every time I've ventured the distance and walked past the countless chain operations.

Don't get me wrong, seeing a familiar chain store when you're starving can be a very welcome sight, but I like something a bit more special in my coffee spots. Something with a certain je ne sais quoi, which is an interesting and not entirely apt phrase for me to use, when instead of reminding me of a cafe in Paris I get much more of the stripped back, minimalist design of Scandinavian eateries.

There's a very chilled-out vibe here. The staff are friendly but not in your face. There's a small seated section on the entry level and a larger space downstairs. It's an understated, sophisticated space with an abundance of the colour white.

The coffee is nice, but it's a smooth finish without an in-your-face coffee punch, so if you like your coffee stronger, maybe go for one of their filters or an espresso. When it comes to coffee I know what I like and I really like what they're serving up here. The house espresso at the time of writing is from Assembly. Part of the Red Associations project, it's nice to know your coffee beans don't have to be a weight on your conscience.

I absolutely love their avocado toast. The mixture of chilli and salt flakes is masterful and the lime zest really tops it off. There's something magical and soothing about this dish and when served with a large latte, there is nothing more blissful.

If you're ever in the area do pop in for a coffee, a snack and pick up a loyalty card too - eventually, you may get a coffee for free, but with a brew so delicious, I really don't mind paying for it.

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