Lullingstone Hamlet and Roman Villa

Lullingstone Hamlet and Roman Villa


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Lullingstone is a small hamlet in Kent, about an hour's drive south of central London, and 20 minutes from Bromley. Towards Lullingstone the drive is quite delightful, winding through country fields.

Packed with history, and perfect for a day out, Lullingstone would be easy to miss if you didn't know to look for it. Entrance to the hamlet is via a bridge or a ford on the River Darent near Eynsford.

Lullingstone Roman Villa, thought to have been settled around AD 100, is one of the best-preserved Roman residences in Britain. In recent years a museum has been built over the entire ruins of the villa, protecting them from the elements.

The ruins reveal a lot about the lives of the Romans who lived there, and about their ingenuity. This includes the ruins of an early Roman-Christian chapel, a heated baths area that used water from the nearby stream, and a large granary. Art within the villa indicates the change from paganism to Christianity by the residents.

There are a number of preserved mosaics, including two on the dining room floor. The first tells the story of the abduction of the princess Europa by the god Jupiter who is disguised as a bull, while the second tells the story of Bellerophon killing the chimera with four sea creatures around them.

The double-storey building over the villa provides visitors with the opportunity to view the rooms and mosaics from two levels.

There are also a large number of artefacts displayed around the museum, with details on their age and uses.

Once outside the museum, there is a beautiful, shaded walk along the River Darent which has excellent paddling for children. There are also ducks and squirrels to be seen along the path, along with other birds and the occasional rabbit or fox.

In all, a day out at gives families a lovely break from London without needing to travel very far at all.

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