Lower Marsh Walk

Lower Marsh Walk


Posted 2014-05-26 by Mike Whytefollow

As I've written a few articles about this place already, I'm sure you can guess that this is one of my favourite streets in London. So I think it is only fair that I now introduce you properly to the place - ladies and gentlemen - I give you Lower Marsh...

The reason I like this place is it has so many cool elements that make it up, and a big plus for me, all the establishments you can find here are independent, quirky or a mixture of both.

Spanning the length of Waterloo Station (which also has an entrance point up from the street), Lower Marsh has more character in one street than some places manage to fit into their whole town centres. It was historically a market street, and even now has many food stalls especially, ready to serve the hungry passers by, and workers out on their lunch breaks.

So, for the route - as you walk from the station, you should turn right into Lower Marsh past the excellent budget price bookshop on the corner - the first thing you will see is the giant mural of a Carmen Miranda-style woman, painted on the side of Cubana restaurant. Taking the theme of Cuba, here you will find the best of Latin American food and culture to pass the night away. Moving down the street, past La Barca Italian restaurant, and the Book & Model shop, you will pass a trio of places I have reviewed previously - there's Radio Days, with its fantastic window displays, the amazing Maries Cafe , and a little further down - Twice The Siren - all places I think epitomise this area.

Keep going and you will pass I Knit London , a sanctuary for knitters, and towards the end of the street, another classic, the Scooter Cafe, as quirky a place as you could find on this quirky little street.

My advice, start one end or the other, and slowly walk - taking in the sights, even take the turning halfway down if you want to visit the grafitti area The Tunnel , and the amazing Vaults , which often show events and exhibitions of the mind-blowing variety - whatever you decide, enjoy, I'm sure you'll find it as rewarding as I do...

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