Love Rouge Bakery

Love Rouge Bakery


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Today's Special, a Chocolate Bailey's Cupcake - Enjoy.

Love Rouge Bakery is in the heart of Headingly, situated between Dare and Caliente café. The décor of Love Rouge is quirky, with vintage touches such as the floral bunting, which drapes along the walls, the whole café has a 1950's feel with your tea arriving in a teapot accompanied by a daintily floral cup and saucer, you cannot help but think that you are, although in a way behaving like your Nan, ladies that lunch.

The staff are extremely friendly and attentive, and always serve you with a smile and a welcoming disposition. The appeal of Love Rouge is most certainly in the detail, and these little touches bring the whole café together. With its intimate feel, it is a welcome change from the likes of Starbucks and Costa.

Even after over-sleeping and simply throwing on the first clean clothes that I could lay my hands on, has a sense of relaxed sophistication as you sweep through the door, escaping the blistering winds and hustle and bustle of Headingly high-street. With music playing softly in the background, the gentle hum of conversation, it is the perfect setting to rondevu with friends, or somewhere to immerse yourself in a book or just an indulgent treat.

The cabinet that greets you as you enter is filled with cupcakes, cakes and tea-pigs that are as attractive as they are tasty. Their cupcakes are devilishly delicious and impossible to resist, my moment of weakness today resulted in the purchase of a Red Velvet Cake to go. An excellent choice if I don't say so myself, but my advice is to try the many variations that are on offer – go on treat yourself. Not experiencing the delightful array of flavours that Love Rouge magically produces would be a scandal, as you would be missing out on the individuality and genius that each creation has to offer.

If not in the mood for a cupcake or a tea-pig, Love Rouge also caters for your breakfast and lunch needs. From toasted tea – cakes to egg and soldiers in their own quirkily unique egg holders, you will not be disappointed. I indulged today in egg and soldiers which came with delicious seedy bread, with my boiled eggs suited and booted in a diving costume, and one rather unfortunately being consumed by a shark.

So when your busy life is becoming a tad too over-bearing, is guaranteed to provide you with a sanctuary, and always brighten up your day, as honestly, who can be glum whilst enjoying a cupcake that is so tantalising tasty.

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