Lost Dog's A Tale of Two Cities at Warwick Arts Centre

Lost Dog's A Tale of Two Cities at Warwick Arts Centre


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Wed 16 Feb 2022 - Fri 18 Feb 2022

The multi-award winning dance/theatre company Lost Dog is premiering an inspired re-imagining of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities at Warwick Arts Centre , Coventry, on February 16, 17 and 18, 2022.

The adaption recalls Lucie Manette and her aristocratic husband making a dramatic, daring escape with their young daughter (also called Lucie) from Paris to London at the height of the French Revolution.

Lucie the younger is now older and wants some answers from her tight-lipped mother as to what exactly happened. To get those answers she is making a documentary, bringing her family together to restage the events that she was too young to remember, and to finally confront the past. But what they have to say is not what Lucie wants to hear.

This innovative show uses live on-stage camera work and Lost Dog's blend of contemporary dance and theatre to examine A Tale of Two Cities from a whole new perspective.

Says Lost Dog Artistic Director Ben Duke (pictured above): "I first read Dickens' novel when I was 18, and loved it, and I've been thinking about it as a basis for a piece for years. While it's a well-known story, it's not so familiar that I can assume people will know what is happening so the problem is how much of the story do we need to tell. In our production, we imagine an alternative future for Dickens' characters and they are looking back and trying to make sense of it. Dickens left a lot out of his novel, particularly when it comes to Lucie Manette, the central female character. Our show aims to rediscover the real story of this complex, funny, and ultimately, 21st-century woman.

"We first performed at Warwick Arts Centre with a show called Hungry Ghosts more than 10 years ago. We have been back many times since then and always had a great time; for me, it's a very important venue and organisation. Warwick Arts Centre has invested in Lost Dog's journey and that support has been amazingly valuable to us as an organisation. I can't wait to have our world premiere of A Tale of Two Cities there."

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