Loserville: The Musical

Loserville: The Musical


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Mon 01 Oct 2012 - Sat 02 Mar 2013

Loserville , a brand new musical to the West End, has arrived at the Garrick Theatre and is in preview performances until it's official opening on October 17th. The show is transferring from it's original production at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, created by James Bourne and inspired by the Son of Dork album Welcome to Loserville.

Loserville: the Musical's marketing scheme has made it clear that it aims to make it's mark on the West End as this generation's "Grease". Although Loserville is hardly a classic in the making, it does deliver several high-energy performances, a catchy score, and a family-friendly musical that has audience members of all ages rooting for the little guy and his well-intentioned gang of misfits.

The show mostly focuses on a lovable loser and ahead of his time computer genius, a 1970s high school nerd named Michael Dork. Dork is fascinated with that new-fangled invention of the computer while it's potential is still in the early stages of development.

Michael is on the brink of sending the first ever computer-to-computer message when he meets Holly, a brains-and-beauty transfer student with hopes of being the first woman astronaut. Their love story and quest to make computer science history faces the challenges of jealous best friends and manipulative bullies, but don't worry, you'll see a happy ending for Dork the perpetual underdog.

I showed up at the box office at 1PM to ask about day seats for the 3PM matinee, and was successful in scoring a front row centre ticket for only £10. Day seats for Loserville will be available when the box office opens every morning until the allocated seats are all taken for each performance that day. I highly suggest taking that route as opposed to paying the price of advance booking where the best seats are £49.50. From the front row you see everything, from the brand of shoes the characters wear to the lipstick stain on the jock's chin after being kissed by his preppy girlfriend. Also, for only £10, I was very willing to overlook the shows more mediocre and forgettable moments and enjoy the entertainment as someone who could afford her time without feeling a throbbing pain in my wallet for two hours and fifteen minutes.

Loserville won't change your life, but it tells a cute story and is a general crowd pleaser. There is no telling how long the show will last on the West End, especially with it's past of mixed reviews, no big celebrity names, and hundreds of seats to fill in a large West End venue. But for those who like a chuckle and a tale of 'geek gets the girl and changes the world', it's worth it to go out and support this new musical; especially if you can do it for only £10.

%% has performances every Monday-Saturday evening at 7:30 PM and every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at 3 PM. For additional information you can visit the website .

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