Los Churros Amigos

Los Churros Amigos


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Ahh, churros, the South American doughy bites that are the stuff of dreams. I first disovered churros at South American restaurant Fiesta Del Asado in Birmingham and since then have enjoyed them in various cities around the country. It should have occurred to me that I'd find these in the capital at some point, but it hadn't, so I was pleasantly surprised when I attended the Herne Hill county fair, which was an amalgam of all things I love: entertainment, music, atmosphere, and of course, food.

I say food, but I spotted , or rather, my nose did, a mile off. Once you've tasted churros you've got a nose for it, and I certainly had my eyes on the prize as I caught a whiff of the unmistakeable scent of these Mexican donuts.

The owner, Hugo Tracey hails from the UK, but his well travelled self, found himself in Australia when the idea struck to turn churro-making into a business.

Apparently churros are big business in Australia, and once Hugo had perfected the recipe, he thought he'd bring it home.

Eager to try the churros, which are by nature vegan, I queued up and watched with pure joy as the freshly made churros were tossed in sugar, cinnamon, and served with a pot of home-made chocolate sauce.

They say the proof is in the pudding, and these churros proved themselves over and over again. You get served a batch of ten in a cardboard cup, and ooh wee were they good.

I've tried a few batches of churros, but these were, without a doubt, the best I have tried. Hugo seems to have perfected a ratio of chewy middle with a perfectly crisp outside, making for a wonderful mouthful.

My friends say I'm prone to exaggeration, but I'll save the sugarcoating to Hugo and his team. The carton of churros were, in one word: divine.

The carton could easily feed two, or maybe three people, but I wasn't up for sharing.

are permanently based in Oxford city centre, but they also travel up and down the UK, popping up at festivals and rightly serving the masses with a fitting festival treat.

Find them next at The Big Feastival, Bestival in Manchester and the German Market in Birmingham.

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