London's Top Pop-Up Dining Shows

London's Top Pop-Up Dining Shows


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What is food? Food is vital nutrients for our bodies; something we need to survive. But it is so many other things as well. Food is a cultural journey; food is a social experience; food is theatre.

When celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or promotion, it is always nice to go out. A trip to the theatre or an evening meal at your favourite restaurant are the most popular choices. But why choose at all? Why not combine the two? After all, food is theatre.

London is the top city for food and theatre, but it is steadily becoming the top city for 'food n' theatre' too (any Dinnerladies fans will know what I mean). Many venues now offer a new type of dining experience, where performers will take to the floor and entertain while you eat.


It is rarely considered a good thing when you don't know what you are eating; in most cases if you can't tell what it is that is put in front of you, then it might be best to leave it alone. But what about when the mystery is all part of the fun? Gingerline combines secrecy, theatre, art, and food to create an immersive dining experiences.

When you book with Gingerline, you won't know where or what you will be eating; an hour before dinner starts you will be sent a text message telling you where to go. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a cast of costumed performers, and brought into an immersive narrative filled with fantastic scenarios using projection, sound, lighting and props. The menus will be transformed into elaborate artworks, and the food will be cooked in pop-up ovens in make-shift kitchens to create a plate that will elate.

Gingerline is a New Zealand company, and the Kiwis will be heading back home by the end of March, so book now for £50 if you don't want to miss out on the experience.

The Art of Dining

What do you get when you put a chef, artist, and set designer in one room? The Art of Dining. The three friends first set up their company a year and a half ago, and provides themed dining experiences for weddings, parties, theatre productions, and photo shoots. Their theme for February was a Valentine's Day special 'Eat your Heart Out' with a Victorian era setting. Join their mailing list to find out about the next theme. Tickets are £50.

Disappearing Dining Club

Every first Saturday of the month, the club holds a Dinner Dance. The twist? Its location changes all the time. Book tickets for £55 to find out where the next one will be.

Sugarhouse Studios

Enjoy a £15 two-course Sunday dinner with a mystery movie. The studio is currently being refurbished, but will be back and running again shortly.

The Artist Dining Room

If you are looking for something more sophisticated, then The Artist Dining Room will provide you with food a culture. At £30 your three-course meal will be inspired by their artist of the month, and will be accompanied by a talk about the artist's work.

Backyard Cinema

Backyard Cinema offers a fantastic deal. Starting From £10 you can get a two-course meal with wine or beer, followed by a movie at 8pm.

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