The London Tombs

The London Tombs


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We've all been there - watching a classic horror film and shouting at the TV for the young, innocent girl not to go into the big scary house where she will surely meet her doom. 'Why would you even do that?! If that was me I'd run as far away as possible!' Yes, I thought I knew it all. But that didn't stop me from venturing into the terrifying world of the London Tombs and having the scariest yet thoroughly exciting experience ever.

Part of the London Bridge experience, the London Tombs sends shivers down your spine the moment you learn that it was formerly a plague pit. With a rich history featuring murder, torture and lots of ghostly sightings, the London Bridge is a firm favourite with tourists in London and its attractions have steadily grown over the years.

is essentially a ghost tour with a twist. Don't be put off by the queues during peak time- they move fairly quickly and you don't want to miss out. Once inside you will immediately sense the horror and gore that is in store for you. You and a group of fellow adrenaline-fuelled visitors begin the tour by walking through a number of scenes from history, learning about gruesome facts from the past. And be prepared for noises and bumps in the dark to start immediately. The great thing about this attraction is that each experience is different - you have to expect anything.

Then it is time to venture into the tombs themselves and from personal experience, I can recommend taking someone with a strong arm for you to cling on to! For those who don't think they can stand the terror then an 'opt out' option is always available on the tour and a member of staff will assist you out. The tomb experience is quite simply terrifying. Live models dressed up in all manner of scary outfits, from zombies to ghosts and even a demon butcher will brush past you and jump out at you (but will never touch you, don't worry). What a great job to have! Severed heads hang from the ceiling, scarlet blood drips down the walls and screams bounce off of every surface. This is the ultimate ghost ride and will not leave you disappointed.

The London Bridge experience and the London Tombs were voted 'The Best Year Round Scare Attraction' at the UK's only awards for the Scare and Haunted Attractions Industry so you know you are not wasting your money with this venue. Warning- this is not for the faint-hearted! So if you're after thrills, spills and a bit of London history then this is the number 1 attraction to venture to. Good luck!

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