London Scavenger Hunt - Let's Roam!

London Scavenger Hunt - Let's Roam!


Posted 2020-02-04 by Natalie Bollufollow
' Let's Roam ' is a new and exciting way to explore your favourite or a brand new city. It's fun, easy and full of interesting facts that will certainly make you feel like you are 'roaming with purpose' and learning along the way. Ideal for small groups, date night or work team building; 'Let's Roam' will not disappoint.

Our journey began in Central London right next to the famous St Paul's cathedral. At first, we initially thought we would be taken across the Millennium bridge to see London's most inconic sites, however, we were plesently surprised to find that we were on a scavenger hunt towards some less known places. Being a regular commuter into London, I was thrilled to learn I was going to discover something new with my team. As we made our way around to our next destination we made remarks such as, "Wow, I never knew this was even here!" and "That's so interesting, I never knew that!", which fueled our inquisitive minds and made us determined to find out more.

The app is super easy to download and set up. Just simply add your code and invite your friends. The app provides you with the starting location and then gives you facts about the area, along with a question which you must answer. Starting out, we predicted that the questions would probably be very easy, however, they were challenging and really made us look at the building / object in question, which we would have admired, but quickly passed if just walking by. The app brought out our competitive side as we all wanted to be the first to answer the questions or find the location. The app then asks you to take a comical picture to earn more points to help you along your way. Collecting new points as you go can be put towards new scavenger hunts or directions to new locations. There were certainly plenty of laughs and smiles the way!

This app really made my team and I look at some of our surroundings in more detail. We became intrigued to find out more about some of the buildings and statues that we walked past. Not all of these were mentioned in the app, but it definitely changed our mentality about going to have a look and have a little Google to found out more information about some of the new places we encountered.

We were fortunate to have lovely warm weather, but we definitely wound have thought twice about starting the hunt if the weather was not so good. The good thing about this app is that you can pick and choose a day, time and place without having to worry about your hunt expiring. In London, this was a bonus due to some of the terrible wet weather we have in the winter months. For us, the duration was perfectly suited, however, it would be great if you could add extra time into your hunt if you wish. We were having so much fun, it would have been great to have the option to extend and keep exploring. Best of all, it helped to keep us fit as we did over 12,000 steps! A step count would also be an added bonus for a fun way to get fit and explore.

During our hunt, we came across another team using the same app. This was great as we were able to help each other out when very stuck on a question. Of course, it is your choice to do so or you can just be competitive! The only downside to the app is that it cannot control certain things such as building work or closed roads. Our team got a few questions incorrect due to building work being done on one of the ceilings of the buildings. We asked the builders for the answer but sadly they were incorrect, so unfortunately we didn't get any points for this. The plus side is that the app is constantly asking what can be improved, so we added this when asked. I would also like to see a warning on the app to say 'beware busy road!' for younger children/teenagers using the app. We found ourselves walking into the middle of a busy road at times without looking as we were to busy looking at the app on our phones.

I would highly recommend that you fully charge your phone before starting the hunt and bring your charger with you if you are traveling into the city. The app involves you using your location setting which can quickly eat up your battery.

Overall, my team enjoyed our hunt and we would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to explore a new city or learn more about their favourite city. Next time we will come with a bigger team and definitely look up a city on the app that we may be visiting for a holiday.

Some ideas for perfect days out using this app would be for birthday parties, a hen do activity, date night, bar hunts, team building and even ghost tours (I will be going on the ghost tour next for sure!). You can choose from over 40 cities with lots of options within those cities too!

Let's Roam is a new, fun and engaging way of exploring and will certainly capture the hearts of a range of different adventurers in the world of travel and exploration!

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