London Film & Comic Convention 2014

London Film & Comic Convention 2014


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Fri 11 Jul 2014 - Sun 13 Jul 2014

Last year I had decided that I wouldn't go to the London Winter Film & Comic Con, but then just a few weeks before the event, it was announced that Garret Wang would be there. He was one of the last two actors from Star Trek: Voyager I needed to complete my signed cast photo. So my dad and I trotted off to Kensington Olympia. We went for standard entry since I didn't need to be there that early, and although the trains were really busy, we somehow got there quicker than usual.

We walked from the station and found our way to the queue pretty easily - we just followed at fat Wookie. Once inside, I got all my autographs within about half an hour. There were virtually no queues whatsoever. I could hardly believe my luck. The first person I met was Suanne Braun, who played Hathor in Stargate SG-1. I was looking at the photo choices, and saw a rather unusual one of her smiling. Suanne said that the photographer had taken two promotional shots; one of her acting all Hathor like, and the one of her smiling, which was meant to be just a lighting test picture. However, they printed off the wrong one. I thought it was rather cool to have an out of character shot like that, so picked it.

I then met Nicole DeBoer for the second time, before going on to see Lexia Doig from Andromeda. I asked if I could take a picture of her, and even though there was a sign stating she wasn't doing posed pictures, she asked if I wanted one anyway.

Next door to Lexia was her lovely hubby, Michael Shanks, who was very cheery and nice to chat to, but if you really wanted a conversation, Virginia Hey from Farscape could really talk away. She and another woman were talking about the beauty soaps she was selling, and discussing how different you look at 61 compared to 21. You don't say?

Finally, I went to see Garret Wang. I was expecting to see him with long hair, but he's cut it short again now. When I presented my almost fully signed photo, he told me how difficult it was to find Roxanne Dawson. Don't I know it? I've never seen her scheduled for a convention appearance. Although he wasn't really allowed to have his picture with me unless I paid for an official photoshoot (Showmasters is becoming more strict on that now), he said I could sneak one in.

After getting autographs, I hit the stalls. Over last couple of years, I have become less interested in action figures, etc, so was not expecting to buy much, but then I came across a Harry Potter stall with loads of wands that I don't usually see available. There were so many that I wanted, but could not afford, so Dad bought them for me for Christmas. I wuv my daddy. I got Arthur, Percy, and Ginny Weasley's, as well as Sirius Black's. The exhibitor also gave me a free box of mini Christmas tree ornaments. Other goodies I couldn't resist included two Disney soundtracks, some Flintstone collector's cards, and Star Trek banknotes.

At 3pm there was an author's talk with a guest panel of young adult writers, whose films had been/were turning into films. One of the authors was Meg Rosoff, who wrote How I Live Now. I studied this book at university, and Rosoff had given a talk there. When I saw the trailer to book adaptation, I was disappointed. The character of Daisy looked nothing like I imagined, and it felt far more fast paced than the book. Rosoff said that Kirsten Stewart was originally going to play the lead, and thought she was perfect for the role. Stewart then got cast in Twilight, however, so that ended that. Instead they got a blonde actor, who Rosoff also thought looked completely different from how she envisioned Daisy. She also said that the film was a lot more violent than the book. The book is written in a stream of consciousness and suitable for 12 year olds, but the film shows war in a visual action packed manner, and is rated a 15. Rosoff confirmed my fears that the director concentrated on action rather than relationships, which is what made the book so fantastic, in my opinion. When I did go to see the film, however, I thought it was fantastic .

After the discussion, the authors gave a free book signing. I went to chat to Rosoff and said how I met her a few years ago. She then asked how I was getting on with my writing and told her about my poetry book, which she was pleased to hear about. It was now about 4pm; there was a Star Trek talk at ten past five, but I couldn't be bothered to wait around for an hour, so just went home after that.

Many people might think that The London Film and Comic Convention is just for sci-fi geeks, but that is simply not true. Anyone with any interest in any kind of pop cult following is going to find something to please them. From Disney to Marvel, Manga to Steam Punk, Star Trek to Lord of the Rings, you're niche is waiting for you.

The next London Film and Comic Convention is between the 11th - 13th July at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Entry is £15 for early birds (before 11am) or £8 standard. You can also get gold passes, which gives you priority queuing and an autograph pack.

There is a long line up of guests; personally, I am looking forward to meeting David Hewlett, Diana Maulder, and Terry Farrell, but other TV & film stars include Peter Meyhew, Stan Lee, Clifton Collins, Colin Baker, Kenny Baker, and many more.

For book lovers, Malorie Blackman, Meg Rosoff, and Robert Rankin will make a return appearance, along with Patrick Ness, Darren Shann, Sally Gardener, plus others.

There will also be over a dozen comic book artists in Artists' Alley. Here you can feel free to draw, hang up your art on the wall, and be entered into a competition. Need some practice first? There will also be portfolio building workshops and drawing classes.

Don't forget about the Game Zone, where you can try out all the latest games, and get a nostalgia kick with loads of retro console action.

If you love dressing up, then you'll definitely want to take part in the Cosplay Masquerade. All costumes are welcome - manga, film, TV, comic, or characters from books. The best costumes will win prizes.

Love performing? Then take part in a talent show, or put on a skit show for audiences. There will also be workshops in make-up special effects so that you can become the best fictional character you can be.

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