Loch Fyne Restaurants - Alderley Edge

Loch Fyne Restaurants - Alderley Edge


Posted 2013-01-03 by Ella Hfollow
I am beginning to get into the habit of reviewing chain restaurants, despite my love of the quirky, individual haunts you often find by mistake. However, Loch Fyne is just too good a place to pass up a chance to review. I am always astounded by the passion for fish and seafood you find at these restaurants; as a seafood lover, I cannot recommend this place any more on a basis of quality and taste of the food.

The interior of Loch Fyne restaurants follows a theme resembling the inside of a fishing hut, but far more spacious, clean and homely. This harks back to the origins of Loch Fyne: a simple Oyster stall in Scotland. These roots mean that the expertise in seafood is long-standing, and also goes to show just how far the company has come since those early days!

Due to its higher prices, students should avoid Loch Fyne (unless Mum and Dad are offering to pay, of course!). It is ideal to families, though, as there is something for everybody's taste; the menu ranges from traditional Fish and Chips, made to your choosing, to risotto and ravioli. Despite the price being higher than some other chain restaurants, the food is worth every penny. The dessert menu is simple, but full of homemade treats, such as delicious sorbet and a freshly baked apple pie. An interesting selection of whiskeys is also on offer for those who like something a little stronger after their dinner, with malts as old at sixteen years on the menu. A standard coffee selection is also available.

I recommend to opt for fish dishes when you visit Loch Fyne. Despite there being options such as burgers and steaks for the main course, it is worth choosing fish instead, as when it comes to cooking seafood, this restaurant gets it spot on.

There's no harm in trying a non-fish starter, such as the Charcuterie Plate (with Italian style meats and olives), but for your main course, the 'Fish, Your Way' option is definitely the best. This allows you to customise your meal, with a choice of fish (salmon, hake, bream and another seasonal fish option), cooked the way you choose (pan-fried, grilled or steamed), with a sauce and two sides of your choice. The salmon with salsa verde, with salad and garlic butter samphire is my combination of choice. However, the hake with tomato pesto and chips (my Dad's choice), is also delicious. For £3.95 extra, you can also add scallops and prawns to any dish on the menu.

To find the Alderley Edge Loch Fyne, take the A5103 out of Manchester, turn off on the A538 (starting at Wilmslow Road), and keep following until you reach the end of Altrincham Road. Turn right down Hawthorn Street, then turn off at Knutsford Road when you reach the roundabout. Drive until you reach another roundabout, then turn off at Brook Lane, keep driving until you see the white building with the Loch Fyne emblem.

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