Leicester Square Christmas Funfair

Leicester Square Christmas Funfair


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Mon 01 Dec 2014 - Thu 01 Jan 2015

As funfairs go, the Christmas Funfair at Leicester Square is large of unique. But while you're unlikely to go out specifically to see it, if in the area, it is a great place to stop off and have a bit of fun.

Open until the first January, the fair is small, just encompassing Leicester Square's fountain. Although it does not take up much room, it really utilises the space available, as it is packed with rides, prize and food stalls.

The first thing your eyes will be drawn to are giant toys hanging from a chalet. Bears, giraffes, lions, and a whole host of other animals are just waiting to be won. All you have to do is show Santa your dunking skills as he holds the basket ball net for you.

If you're not great at basket ball, you can try your luck at darts or bows and arrows.

As we all know, winning a big cuddly toy at these stalls is very unlikely, so to secure a gift, why not wander round the corner, where you can buy some cute Christmas jumpers, scarves, and hats?

Perhaps before you buy anything it is best to go on the rides first - unless of course, you have a friend to look after your purchases/winnings. There are four rides, including Go Gator for kids, a carousel to be enjoyed by all, and the Star Flyer and Twister, which are more suitable for teens or adults.

You definitely want to go on these before pigging out on Christmas treats. You can choose from roasted chestnuts, mince pies, waffles, fudge, candy floss, and some savoury fast food too.

There is also a stall selling chocolates shaped like tools, which would make a great gift for anyone who has a passion for both chocolate into DIY.

Although there was no one there on my visit, the fair has a stage set up that suggests live bands and singers perform there at times. I suppose it just depends how lucky you are if they are there or not.

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