Lee Rosy's Tea Shop

Lee Rosy's Tea Shop


Posted 2012-09-30 by John Burnsfollow

The people of Nottingham take their tea very seriously, so thank goodness for an establishment like Lee Rosy's on Broad Street. Located in Nottingham's popular Hockley area, Lee Rosy's has been providing tea to the parched denizens of Nottingham since 2005.

The quaint interior and friendly atmosphere of the shop make it the ideal spot to relax with a cup of char, but it's the comprehensive array of different teas on offer that really make this place stand out. Whether you're a traditionalist who swears by your milky cup of English breakfast tea or whether your tastes take you into the more adventurous territory of Rooibos Gingerbread Orange Tea, Lee Rosy's has got you covered.

But the tea shop's remit extends far beyond that of a simple tea room. Lee Rosy's is also a twentieth century cyber-business purveying fine teas to pleased customers the world over by way of its online shop and mail order service. What's more, each tea is lovingly described with the sort of elegant prose that shows that Lee Rosy's commitment to great tea is just as strong as our own.

Lee Rosy's also runs weekly nights for people to get together and share their love of tea with others while engaging in some wholesome activity. Games night is held on the first Thursday of every month and attendees are encouraged to bring along any games that they feel their fellow tea lovers might enjoy.

The remaining Thursdays of each month are taken up by Film Night, a self-explanatory gathering of likeminded souls involving the watching of classic films and… erm… the drinking of tea. Knitting enthusiasts will also enjoy Lee Rosy's knitting evenings, held every Tuesday.

Visitors to Lee Rosy's are advised to look out for an additional – and all together more curious – patron of the tea shop. Some customers have reported hearing ghostly sobbing in the shop and unexplainable puddles of water have been spotted in some parts of the building. This supernatural element to just adds to the unique and homely charm of a place which is easily the best in Nottingham to get your daily tea fix.

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