The Lavender Hill Mob at Malvern Theatres - Review

The Lavender Hill Mob at Malvern Theatres - Review


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The Lavender Hill Mob is another classic Ealing Comedy that has been adapted for the stage, this time by Olivier-nominated playwright Phil Porter.

The show stops off at Malvern Theatres from November 7 to 12. Featuring Miles Jupp as the likeable, reliable Holland, there's also Justin Edwards as Pendlebury.They make the wise decision not to emulate the great Alec Guinness and Stanley Holloway respectively. Instead, they revel in their own double-act dynamic, required to drive this frenetic retelling. During New Year's Eve, Holland, with the help of his drinking buddies, tells his extraordinary story to visitor, Farrow (Guy Burgess), whom they assume to be a film director.Explaining how he went from mild-mannered Bank of England nonentity to a criminal living it up in sunny Rio, the caper gets going with verve and humour.

The story gets told of how he and Pendlebury devised a scheme to liberate the bullion from his employer and melting and shipping it as Eiffel Tower souvenirs.They subsequently go over the scheme in earshot of all and sundry only to prick the ears of two hapless Cockney crooks (characterised by Tessa Churchyard and Victoria Blunt) who agree to assist in the dastardly scheme.The cast zip from one side of the stage to other bringing the heist to life assuming the roles of the players along the way. T.E.B Clarke's original script has a lot of machinations and diversions, so it is impressive how much was covered in the relatively short run time - to the point where I was hankering for a respite to get up to speed with proceedings.

It coasts on its inherent charm and mostly avoids the 'boom-tish' moments. The more broad comedy was saved for the trip to France relying on those anachronistic, if amusing, characteristics us British have of the French.Jupp is pleasant and charming as Holland and not as meek as the film version of the character, but his approach lends itself well to the farce element. All in all an enjoyable tribute to a great film.

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