Laundry Boutique, Manchester

Laundry Boutique, Manchester


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Do you ever dream of what your ideal home would be like? What style (modern, traditional, country-chic, art-deco), how certain rooms would be laid out, the place you'd spent most of your time, etc? I do. Too often. In my dreams I tend to flit between a bedroom that isn't too large, but is spacious, bright and inviting, with a few coloured accents giving it 'life'. And it would seem the clever folk in Lancashire have the same dreams as I because I found my ideally-sized walk in wardrobe the other day, full of clothes and jewellery I'd adore in my future home.

It's no bigger than my dream-bedroom, but Laundry Boutique on Police Street borders on perfection; it's the glamorous little store, that calls to your inner magpie. Police Street in the city centre is the back side of the handful of shops which line the oversized alleyway. Making it a bit more decent to walk down than the street where people go to smoke, is newly - relocated Laundry Boutique, who sell a selection of hand picked designer items all at High Street prices.

Laundry Boutique in Manchester is one of the five shops in the North, the sixth being in Portobello, Notting Hill. Although the other stores (I've visited Chester and Portobello's), have their charm, it's the fact that the boutique is down an unsuspecting alley-like road in Manchester, and the unexpected charm of the store, that makes it my favourite.

Some of the designs in store are carbon- copies of the real stuff, so it's a delight when you see the price tag. They only sell ladies wear so it's a free for all when you pop in. Expect high-pitched squeals and wide-eyed happiness when you see a fellow shopaholic clutching a formerly uncreased top between their excitable fingers. Or maybe that was just me.

They only sell well-crafted goods that are a twist on what you might find in shopping centres. The clothes and shoes are all relatively classic with a few details that hint to the season, but it's the accessories that really pull at your purse strings. For every fashionista Laundry Boutique has a piece: earrings, bangles, bracelets, cuffs, chokers, rings and hair accessories, they have it all.

Loud and attention grabbing as well as delicate and discreet (such as their muted, fine, silver bangles), each piece is created for both the humble dresser and the shopper with a jewellery obsession.

I was a little bit taken when I found Laundry Boutique. It's just a slice of heaven. The polished chandelier and table not-too-overstuffed with goodies to adorn your body with was just exquisite. The three members of staff in the small shop didn't bother me either when I picked up practically everything, and put it back down, not quite in it's right place (due to my excitement).

If you're unsure about a piece you can try it on, and even once you've committed to a purchase the boutique operates a fourteen-day return policy with all clothing. They also sell shoes reminiscent of Louis Vuitton's sartorial nod to the 50's, and an irresistibly comfy-yet stylish (where can you find that?), pair of flat over the knee black boots, with back detail.

Dragging myself away from the shop, but only because I'm in the process of buying a car. Although I left empty handed window-shopping has never been more fun as I pored over each exquisite piece, joy filling my every core.

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