Kowloon Restaurant and Bakery

Kowloon Restaurant and Bakery


Posted 2016-10-16 by Amanda Christensenfollow

It's almost impossible to visit London's Chinatown without stopping into Kowloon. Easily one of the largest and most recognizable shops in the area, Kowloon's large windows full of pastries and hot food beg you to come in to have a taste. Kowloon is so large, in fact, that it's split into two different sections.

If you enter the door on your right, you enter their buffet. Kowloon is named after a district in Hong Kong, so its fitting that their buffet offers a slew of traditional Cantonese dishes. Sweet and sour pork, steamed black bean short ribs, fried rice, you name it, they're probably serving it. It's all you can eat, so make sure you bring your appetite and I'm sure you can easily eat the mere £10 cost's worth. If takeaway is more your thing, or you're on a tight lunch break, they offer self-service takeaway boxes for £6 a box, which is a pretty good shout once you see how big these boxes are.

If you enter the door on your left, you enter their bakery. In the bakery, there are shelves from floor to ceiling overflowing with different sweet and savoury pastries. They offer everything from red bean buns to green tea pastries, egg tarts to char siu, all for around a quid a piece. My personal favorite is the crispy pork bun, which has succulent roast pork inside a crispy pastry that's brushed with a bit of honey and sesame, so you get a lovely sweet and salty combination.

There are two aspects of Kowloon's bakery that makes it different from almost all of the other bakeries in Chinatown. First is that it is not self service. When you walk in, an attendant will put anything and everything you point at onto your tray. The second thing that separates their bakery is that it isn't strictly takeaway. Past the register (like almost all of Chinatown, cash only), Kowloon boasts a large seating area for you to take your overflowing trays of pastries and indulge in your cheap feast.

The way I see it, you haven't really experienced Chinatown unless you experience Kowloon's. And once you have, you'll be glad you did.

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