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Kitty Cafe


Posted 2016-04-07 by Claire Chambersfollow
In order to visit the Kitty Café, you need to either book online or if you are lucky, turn up and walk in. It is advisable to book online however, as the café gets very busy and your one hour slot there can't be guaranteed if you don't book ahead. Upon arriving, my friend and I were given a list of rules to follow (such as not picking the cats up) which were very strict, but were obviously in place to guarantee the cats' welfare. Another thing to bear in mind when visiting is that there is a £5 charge per customer upon entry. Again, this is for the cats' upkeep, so it's not something we minded.

We were shown to our table late but the one hour rule was still enforced. However, whilst we were waiting we were encouraged to wander around and have a look at the cats. I would suggest that when ordering, that you order everything that you are planning to eat in one go to save delays. Yes, I know this means that you have to decide straightaway what you want to have but it will make life easier. The food selection is lovely though and I really recommend the cake. My friend can only eat gluten-free products and even though there wasn't a wide range of gluten-free items on the menu, the staff did their best to accommodate her.

The cats themselves are delightful. There were plenty of them around, playing with their toys and sleeping on chairs. They are very even-tempered and are perfectly happy to wander up to you. I have heard that there is a safe haven the cats can go to escape if they feel overwhelmed by the visitors, therefore my fears were put to rest. The cats also have plenty to keep them occupied and seemed well looked after. The café is very clean and well-kept and there were meshes to cover food if needed.

The staff were a little bit stressed but also courteous. They also seemed pretty organised. We were given a polite fifteen minute warning when our time was about to elapse which seemed fair enough. The time slots could have done with being longer (maybe an hour and a half) as we did feel a bit rushed and it would have been nice to sit and relax or even take our time between courses. We also felt the café needed some information on the tables about the cats, for example their names and breeds. We looked but couldn't find anything. However, apart from this, we still enjoyed our trip to the Kitty Café and I would suggest it for cat lovers or for anyone who wants to do something a little bit different in Nottingham.

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