Kitchen and Pantry Coffee House

Kitchen and Pantry Coffee House


Posted 2012-10-03 by Steff Hummfollow

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and (whoever they are) I tend to agree with them because breakfast is the meal where you can eat pretty much anything you like and get away with it.

Kitchen and Pantry is a cute little cafe on Chiswick High Road that serves a vast array of the best all day brekkies, from full fry ups to crepes, smoothies and homemade muffins. They also pride themselves on their special, slow roasted, seasonal coffee, which I'm sure is wonderful, but I'm not sophisticated enough to drink coffee yet so I had a whopping great milkshake instead.

And then, if you hang out long enough to be hungry again, there is lunch. It is all the standard fare you might see in cardboard varieties in Starbucks; wraps and sandwiches with all those different and exotic types of bread, snacks and cookies and cake. But instead of looking like it's been shipped in three days previously in a warm and airless van, this food reminded me of the goodies a devoted grandmother would make in her country kitchen aga.

Although there are plenty of places you can get this sort of grub (even where it isn't made of cardboard), the homey atmosphere of Kitchen and Pantry is what has me returning again and again. Decorated like a country kitchen, with deep leather sofas, rustic wooden tables and signs and menu boards that look as though they have been whittled out back, it is a place that I could quite easily curl up in for hours with a good book and pair of slippers.

If you're not local to the Chiswick area, there is another of these coffee houses in Notting Hill, which promises to be just as cosy and comfortable.

Whether you're recovering from the night before, grabbing a bite before work, having a break from shopping or you just want to relax in snug surroundings, Kitchen and Pantry coffee house must be one of the friendliest and homely places you could spend your time. And they do a mean fry up.

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