Kitchen Garden Deli-Shop

Kitchen Garden Deli-Shop


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Organic kitchen garden shop is a treasure trove. It is full of organic, locally sourced and ethically produced goods. As you turn the corner, on to Smith's road, you see a large 'Kitchen Garedn Shop' sign, with hand-written typography, which hints at the indepedence of the business. As you enter what seems like an outdoor garden shop, you're led down a path of flowers, ornaments, plants and herbs, which is rather fairy-tale like. As you come to the end, you see the organic kitchen store.

Outside the shop are baskets of locally grown, organic apples, which have that 'just picked' look about them.

Inside the deli-shop are shelves of jarred, tinned, and packaged goods, in recyclable packaging of course. To the left of the entrance are the store-cupboard goods, but they're not your average tin of tomatoes, or jars of tomato soup. Every product is organic, and if it's not stated as local, the shop manager tells you how far it's come.

Amongst the packets of dried fruit and organic tinned vegetables I spotted a rather exciting jar of local mustard. Counties Gourmet make their mustard by hand, in Herefordshire. The local preserve is infused with real champagne, as opposed to champagne vinegar, which is what sets them apart from other 'alcoholic' mustards, and one of the reasons why it's sold in the Kitchen Garden shop.

As delicious as the mustard sounded, I came across a nut butter which excited my inner-foodie. I was a little taken by the Amazing Almond Spread, which at £5.35 was rather expensive, but looking at the ingredients list, I could see why. Organic almonds, Brazil nuts, and peanuts fill the jar, along with raw cacao nibs, agave syrup, and a touch of honey.

On sale are a number of foodstuffs as well as 'basics', which are certified organic, and suitable for gluten-free diets. If you suffer with ceoliac disease, or a member of your family does, Kitchen Garden shop truly caters for your dietary requirements.

Even if you're not intolerant to wheat or diary, some of the food on offer is delicious, and has guilt-free ingredients. The in-store delicatessen honours the ethos of the shop, and sells handmade products on site, which include yummy cakes, and vegetarian bakes.

With freshly baked cakes, handmade cards, locally grown herbs, superfoods and fresh produce on sale, the Kitchen Garden shop is more than a local health food store. It supports the community, and sells goods from local businesses, plus it inspired the opening of Kitchen Garden Cafe with whom they supply raw ingredients for their menu.

I was won over by the sheer scale of vegan and vegetarian produce, and foods I'd never seen before. I always like to try new foods, plus they offered me a chance to discuss a music event I was considering hosting. Talk about a cooperative.

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