Kazan Kitchen

Kazan Kitchen


Posted 2014-05-03 by Fabio Crispimfollow
is a small restaurant located on Winton Road, Victoria. A bigger, sister restaurant sits directly opposite the one I visited. Stepping into the restraint you're welcomed with bright walls of yellow and red with hanging lanterns over the cashier and artwork nailed to the walls.

I sat at a reserved table at the back of the restaurant for a friend's leaving meal. As we sat at the table we were welcomed with bottles of Prosecco which they poured slowly into our glasses.

The waiters were friendly, well known to our hostess who knew everyone that worked there including a woman who, less than four weeks ago, had just moved to London from the Grand Canary and she spoke no English. It was to my surprise that she was fluent in the English language and moved purposely through the restaurant.

The food was wonderful, starting off with a Kazan Mezze Journey. It was a collection of small dishes including bread with several dips; beetroot, hummus, cacik (yoghurt with cucumber and garlic) and more along with falafel and lamb kofte. As we happily gossiped and ate music suddenly erupted from the speakers above us, I turned in my seat to find a woman dressed in a white bra and a skirt starting to dance. The restaurant went silent as she danced and soon after she started to balance swords over her head and breasts while dancing.

The dancer pulled the hostess up for a quick dance before attempting to pull more of us up. My friends pointed to me and the dancer stretched her hand out, to their cries of laughter I took her offer and stood up to dance. I couldn't hold in my laughter, and the dancer couldn't either as we moved around each other. When the song had finished she gave me a pat on the back for trying and I sat back down to enjoy the last of the food.

The dancer left soon after and we resumed our meal, drinking and eating until almost midnight when we were falling asleep in our seats. We said goodbye and thanked our hostess for a lovely meal, wishing her the best when she leaves London, and then we left the restaurant to catch a night bus home.

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