Kappacasein Raclette Stand at Borough Market

Kappacasein Raclette Stand at Borough Market


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Those of you in the public who have ventured to the wonderland that is Borough Market will distinctly know of the defining aroma of melted cheese that hits you once you pass some of those sausage vendors. The home of this distinct aroma is that of Kappacasein.

Kappacasein is owned and operated by Bill Oglethorpe who developed the Ogleshield cheese in collaboration with Somerset dairy farmer Jamie Montgomery, whose 150 Jersey cows produce the rich, unpasteurised, full-fat milk that gives the mature cheese its distinctive flavour.

The result is one the most unique aromas your nostrils will come across and have an even harder time trying to escape, and why would you - the result on your palate is to die for! That aroma is none other than that emanating from Kappacasein's Swiss raclette - a generous helping of melted Ogleshield piled onto new potatoes, baby gherkins and pickled onions - and if that wasn't heaven enough, there is also an option of their toasted cheese sandwiches, made with Montgomery cheddar, onions, leeks and garlic on Poilâne sourdough.

I have had the pleasure of visiting borough market on a Saturday morning when it is a buzz with tourists and locals alike. This is hands down one of my most favourite markets in all of London. Why? Because of the delicious sweet and savour options available. I advise every visitor to do the following when visiting Borough Market for 'lunch':

1. Don't fill up on just one item. Share everything you come across with a friend, that way you will have more room in your tummy to try new things.

2. Perhaps the first rule should be to take a friend or two.

3. Take a big bag so you can take home any treats you come across that you simply cannot finish while there.

4. Lastly, always, make room for Kappacasein Raclette. There is always a line, but the staff are prepared and super efficient so you will have your Swiss raclette or Cheese sandwich in no time.

The toasted cheese sandwich will set you back about £5, and it will be the best £5 you ever spent. The sandwich is comprised of a collection of quality ingredients sourced throughout Europe or locally. Starting with deliciously rich shredded Montgomery's cheddar, also known as the king of British cheddars, it is a nutty, earthy cheese handmade in Somerset. It doesn't stop there, topped on the cheese are sliced leeks, onions, and garlic, all melted together between slices of rustic sourdough bread baked by Poilâne, a world-renowned Parisian bakery with a London outlet. The final touches the sandwich is of course a little of the Ogleshield. If that doesn't get your mouth watering, I do not know what will. That first bite into your cheese sandwich is a fantastic flavourful mouthful of crunch and melted cheese. A must for any foodie.

The only other item sold by Kappacasein is the Swiss raclette; a Swiss dish of boiled new potatoes and spicy baby gherkins covered in melted Ogleshield. Now this, I have had almost every time I have ventured to Borough Market and it never disappoints. The potatoes are always cooked to perfection and the entire Swiss raclette dish is one that comes together exquisitely with the fluffy potatoes and crunchy gherkins and pickles under a bed of Ogleshield cheese. Pure perfection.

The Kappacasein stand is open every Thursdays, 11am - 5pm, Fridays, 11am - 6pm, and Saturdays, 8am - 5pm. As it is a market, it is always good to have cash on you as this makes the process a lot easier.

Now go forth and be one with the most mouthwatering cheese at the market.

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