Kahve Dunyasi

Kahve Dunyasi


Posted 2017-03-25 by Claire Chambersfollow
is on one of the busiest streets in London, but it is so well hidden you are hardly likely to notice it. Yet it is an ideal place to meet friends, take some time out or watch the sights of the city go by.

is an outpost of a Turkish brand with branches scattered over Turkey, which bodes well for its authenticity. We also noticed that there were plenty of Turkish people visiting the café, another good sign that we were getting the real deal.

Walking into the coffee shop is like walking into a sweet store of confectionery delights. You have to walk past the case filled with delightfully sinful-looking chocolate and cakes before you even reach anything that looks like it might be savoury (or healthy). From looking at the website, the café looks far smaller than it actually is. It was easy to find a seat, despite the fact that it was Sunday and the St. Patrick's Day parade was taking place on the street outside.

The café boasts a dazzling array of hot drinks, alongside the Iced Turkish Coffee (like a grownup milkshake, apparently). Despite the piles of sweet stuff, it was actually the savoury stuff that tempted us (sorry readers!) and the three of us all ordered a quiche, although we each ordered a different flavour. My two friends ordered the latte and I thought I'd try the hot chocolate. A cute touch is that the coffees are served with little chocolate spoons. My hot chocolate didn't initially come with a chocolate spoon but the waiter felt that I should have one too.

The ambience was pleasant, very soothing and relaxing, but it also made you feel like you were enjoying a coffee in Istanbul. It was hard to believe that the bustling streets of London were only outside. I felt like a child, surrounded by cases full of brightly wrapped chocolates and sweets. The café was clean and strikingly decorated, with dark diamond-shaped tiles on the walls. There was also waitress service, which added a bit of flair.

If you are looking for something as an alternative to the big name coffee houses, with an authentic twist, then is worth a visit.

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