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Jimmy's World Grill & Bar


Posted 2016-10-13 by Serena Reidyfollow

As I rarely go to buffets, I decided to try at The O2 a couple of weeks ago. Jimmy's is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, serving food from a range of countries, including China, Italy, Thailand and India. It's well-hidden amongst an array of other restaurants in The O2 - and you can easily walk past it - but my friend and I managed to find Jimmy's without any problem.

When you first arrive at Jimmy's, you are greeted by the receptionist (or receptionists, in my case) and are then sent upstairs to the main part, which is spacious and has a lively atmosphere. Here a waiter will show you to your table and take your drink order. I opted for the Cocobanana Mocktail (which consists of banana, coconut cream, mango and pineapple juice), while my friend got an orange juice. You are then free to go up to the buffet carts and help yourself. It's pretty straightforward and not much different to other buffets.

Jimmy's turned out to be a lot bigger than I had imagined, and this is reflected in the quantity of the food. There are so many dishes to choose from - curry, pizza, pasta and stir fry, as well as live cooking stations. After a short browse of the carts, I settled for the Sweet and Sour Chicken. I also grabbed some vegetable rice and a couple of prawn crackers before making my way back to the table. While the chicken was delicious, there wasn't much pineapple, and the rice was rather plain. However, the prawn crackers were tasty and I loved the Cocobanana Mocktail - it was really fruity and had the consistency of a smoothie.

Of course, you can't visit a buffet and not get a dessert! I chose the white chocolate rocky road, bananas in caramel sauce, mini carrot cake, and mini strawberry cheesecake. These were all scrumptious, especially the carrot cake. I was surprised that the bananas were cold - I think they would have tasted better had they been heated.

is great for large parties. At only £10.99 per person for lunch, it won't break the bank. Unfortunately, the food is mediocre. However, I did only try one main course and a small proportion of the desserts, so there might have been better things that I missed.

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