Jam Jar Cocktail Bar

Jam Jar Cocktail Bar


Posted 2018-02-24 by Andrew Jamesfollow
Situated on Dundee's up-and-coming waterfront, Jam Jar is a cosy cocktail bar suitable for any occasion or budget. As somewhere I hadn't visited before, I was eager to see what this highly rated bar had to offer, and I was certainly not disappointed. Jam Jar left me impressed and I will definitely be visiting again, and here is whyÂ…

When we arrived, we were greeted by welcoming and attentive staff who offered us seats and gave us a menu. Both cash and card are accepted here, so no worrying about having to find a cash machine on your way to the bar, and there the table service means if you're seated upstairs, you don't have to keep walking back down to order more drinks.

The menus are fantastic and only add to Jam Jar's quirk. Printed on record sleeves, there is a selection of new cocktails, priced at £7.50, and classics, for £8. On the vinyl inside the sleeve, there is a gin menu, along with wines and beers, all of which are cheaper than cocktails.

My first drink was a 'Lemony Kravitz', a gin, lemon, and apple cocktail. Expertly made by the bar staff, this cocktail was a solid 8/10 and a must try if you like gin and citrus tastes. My other half also ordered a drink from the new menu, a smooth Southern Comfort, vanilla liqueur, orange bitters, sugar and cream mix called an 'All Shook Up'.

The decor within the bar is casual and comfortable, with tables for two, a couple of larger tables downstairs and a booth for a more private experience. Visiting at night, the bar was a little dark due to the dim lighting and candles, but depending on the purpose for your visit, this can provide a perfect intimate setting. Unfortunately, there is no wi-fi, and with poor signal inside, you may not be able to stay online on your phone - although if you're out for drinks with friends, this is probably a good thing!

Overall, my visit to Jam Jar was very pleasant and I would definitely recommend this venue. Make up your own mind and consider giving Jam Jar a try on your next night out.

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