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J Ristorante


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Primrose Hill is known as being home to delicious Italian, cute cupcakes and one mighty natural icon (the actual hill of course). On the well-to-do Regent's Park Road you will find a tucked away little cucina by the name of J Restaurant, or as the locals call, J Ristorante. A friend and I decided to put on our weekend best and head over to Primrose Hill and explore the area. Of course, before we knew it we had a hankering for some wine and tapas and found ourselves walking to main road to see what tickled our fancy.

Stepping into a new venue that neither of us had been to seemed the perfect option this summery July day. Entering the cute haut we decided to sit upstairs and share some tapas. Friendly staff were a pleasant addition to the vintage brick decor inside along with the aromoas of fresh woodfired pizza being created for tourists downstairs.

We picked a quite little area and scanned the wine list for a bottle of red. After much ado, we chose a bottle from the South of Italy and were on our way to selecting from the Antipasti list. Bresaola (cured salt beef with parmesan and olive oil), Gamberoni (pan fried prawns) and Caprese were quickly making headway, however we decided to go light and opted for the Bruschetta Al Pomodoro (bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and olives) and the Tricolore (imported Italian Mozzarella with vine ripen tomatoes, avocado, fresh basil and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Pure perfection.

With prompt service and possibly the best avocados in London (I am convinced that they are storing them away, as avocados are hard to come by that are perfectly ripen as these were) we had our two options on the table in front of us to admire.

Possibly one of the best bruschetta servings I have had in London. The combination of perfectly seasoned and top notch produce was a definite win for J Ristorante. The second, the Tricolore was equally has mouthwatering with flavoursome fresh mozzarella, large juicy red tomatoes and perfect avocados.

A winner on the wine front, the Antipasti front, it is easy to see why many people head over to Primrose for some authentic Italian. I highly recommend indulging in some of the menu options and save room for some pizza! From what I could see and smell they were a definite must for locals and tourists alike.

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