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I am lucky that my home in Hampshire has the about a ten minutes drive down the road. I never appreciate how exciting it is to have a centre like this so nearby that teaches you such a lot about science in a fun and interesting way with 100 interactive exhibits. It is a brilliant experience, especially for children, as there are a lot of activities for them to complete and enjoy; even as an adult I think it is exciting also!

The admission prices for Intech were a fairly reasonable price. As my Mum is currently doing a course at Chichester University she was extremely excited that both of us could get student discount. I love using that little discount card of mine!

As soon as we entered the centre I was excited to see their Push the Limits exhibition featuring Olympic activities. I attempted the 'Stay in the air' with a camera testing your time in the air from a jump off the floor. From this it then predicts how long you would take to sprint a ten metre run which you can then test out on the next machine.

My prediction was 3.3 seconds but I didn't embarrass myself by attempting this as I am not a very strong runner! I also tried out the 'Balance' activity where you had to see how long you can balance; due to my clumsiness I was extremely bad at this particular part with my highest score of balancing being 1 second! Sport has never been my strong point. I was extremely happy to see a basketball court for the Paralympics where you tried shooting hoops from a wheelchair. There were far more activities in this exhibit that I haven't mentioned that were extremely good; a reason why you should try this out to see what is on offer. Below you can see my attempt to stretch to the high pole.

Walking around the unleashed my inner childhood curiosity. I remember going many years back and there are many new exhibits that I was enthusiastic to try. Due the amount of activities I cannot describe all of them but my particular favourite was the one that compared how much water you used in two similar activities e.g. water used from a shower versus a bath and water used from a hosepipe versus a watering can. It was great fun to see the physical amounts of water and then being able to flush it away afterwards! Although me and my Mum had to be told by a young child -after almost five minutes standing there with confusion about what to do with the water – how to flush away the water! This proves the exhibitions are easy to use for children but debatable whether Mum and I can keep up with the technology advances.

I was also interested by one of the smaller exhibits demonstrating the Morse Code with a buzzer so that you could try for yourself. I have a background interest in this as my Granddad was in the Royal Signals towards the end of the Second World War. I was always fascinated by how he was able to memorise all the codes as well as using the buzzer to communicate. I felt my Granddad would be proud of me for giving it a try although I couldn't imagine ever getting the hang of all those dots and lines!

One extremely fun-fact activity was the Bee Facts with four different sides giving you facts that you may not have previously known about Bees. For instance, there are three different types of Bees. Two of the sides also have a camera where you can see inside a Beehive.

As I am a coffee addict, the cafe was a must. I decided to try the Iced Cappuccino on offer which was extremely delicious. The Rocky Road I shared with my Mum was lovely too. The only disappointment, and part of the reason I chose an Iced Cappuccino, was that the coffee on offer was from a self service machine. However, as I did not try this coffee I can't really comment on it but I am sure it was of a reasonable standard.

Last on the agenda; a visit to the shop. When we bought our tickets we were given a £1 voucher each. There are a lot of science activities that you can buy as well as traditional stationary and toys.

All in all, Intech is a good place to bring your children for a hands-on Science experience. Not only is it interactive, it is also an educational experience. There are education shows given each day for further exciting ways to teach children. For more information on this please visit the website.

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