Imperial China Restaurant

Imperial China Restaurant


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Imperial China is a restaurant located in Leicester Square . It brings to the British capital all the authentic delights of the traditional Chinese cuisine. The detailed and enchanting decoration gives the place an oriental atmosphere which teleports the customer to foreign lands while enjoying highly flavoured foods that are a treat to the palate.

We ordered a vast banquet for three people. Lucky for us, in our group there was someone from China who made use of Mandarin – perhaps - to order a range of exotic plates. The first and main plates to accompany the rest of the food were Fried Beef Ho Fun (£7.20) and Abalone Rice (£9.20). Even the rice – a very common Chinese food entrée - tasted supremely different to previous flavours as it came with an extravagant, sour and strong abalone sauce.

To drink, we had Chinese green tea, which had a delicate flavour that highlighted the essence of the rest of the food while cleansing the palate for new dishes and helping digestion of such quantity of food.

Prawn (£3.20) and pork (£2.80) dumplings came in a curious form, with a layer of some kind of paste made of rice in the shape of mushrooms. Another plate was called Steamed Pork Buns (£2.80), which were nicely shaped in a white cloud with a sweet and sour surprise filling inside - a superb, contrasting, novel flavour!

Every plate came with hot water within at the bottom to keep the food warm, prolonging the social gathering.

Good morning, Vietnam! From the Indochina peninsula, we tried the Vietnamese Spring Rolls (£2.80), nicely arranged, hot and scrumptious. To end the delicious feast, we celebrated with pastries. Cuttlefish cake (£3.20) and Egg Custard Tarts (£2.80) were the perfect finale to a colourful and exotic banquet. More than enjoying a meal, it was a cultural, uplifting experience!

Without a doubt, the presentation of the food was an important part of the magic, cautiously embellished and captivatingly adorned.

The reasonably low prices gives the customers the opportunity to try, "mix and match" different flavours, share and have a good time with friends, couple or else.

Indeed, the restaurant offers Chinese food with a difference.

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