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I Love Cafe


Posted 2012-10-22 by Fi Westallfollow

Was it intended? To name the café "I Love Café" fitting in so nicely with the theme of 'I love Leith?' Who knows, really, I could ask, but I am far too distracted by this amazing new place.

Apparently when I moved away from Edinburgh, coffee shop seeds were planted, as when I returned dozens of new ones had opened up! This is not a complaint, but more frustration, as someone who is mildly addicted to sitting in coffee shops, I hate to miss out on discovering the best new hot spot for your latte.

Supporting local businesses is also key, I do love a Starbucks every so often, however if you are a person who is afraid to try somewhere new, then please put that fear away as you will be bowled over by what our beautiful capital has to offer.

Clean tiled flooring, plain wooden tables as well was comfortable couches, already scores points for its décor - there is a class mixed with just the right amount of rustic appeal.

Behind me, two suited up business men chat away about the days' work. I would try and eaves drop, but predict that I would not understand or be interested (no offence intended), and slouched in the sofa chair next to me a bohemian style student, with an apple laptop, so perhaps not that bohemian.

All walks of life would be comfortable to sit and drink in here and that is a wonderful achievement. I cannot stand snobbish attitudes, if somewhere has great service and great coffee that should be all that matters.

Proudly placed in front of me is my large latte. The large does not look particularly large compared to other cafés, however when realising how strong the smell is, I realise that this will be more than enough and at £2.10, it is a bargain. Smooth, strong and yet easy to drink, these guys know what they are doing – and coffee art is always a bonus.

The deli bar looks equally appetising; filled with a variety of beers, lagers, wines and juices for those who would want something slightly stronger than caffeine. Momentarily, you forget the food that is on offer, as the selection of beverages is so vast, however reading that the soup of the day is beetroot and sour cream, I already start to plan my next visit.

Leith walk is a busy place; local residents will be aware of the constant noise of the roadworks (much like elsewhere in any large city), yet they have created an environment here where you feel you have escaped, and that is truly special.

I truly do love (this) café.

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