How to Recover From a Broken Heart

How to Recover From a Broken Heart


Posted 2013-06-26 by Erikafollow
Did you know that the heartbreak affects your health? It affects your hormones, your brain, your stomach. But this is the life. Don't worry at all; this will get minor as time goes on. Additionally, I have some tips for being happier.

First of all, take a trip. It doesn't hurt if you go away for a few days and it may make the pain go away. A little change in the environment can be effective in such situations. You don't need a lot of money, just be patient and you can find the best offer. Look at the website of low cost airlines or you can choose train or bus. It's up to you. When you have to leave your city quickly, I recommend hostels rather than five-star hotels as accommodation.

I went to Venice with my best friend. It was only a few days, but it was fantastic. We took part in the carnival and we toured the city. We visited the Saint Mark's Square, Rialto and the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark's Basilica, Canal Grande, Ca' d' Oro, Campanile, and San Giorgio Maggiore. We ate real Italian pizza and lasagne which we loved. I wish I could have stayed forever.

The second secret is that you should find a job you like. My dream was to work with foreigners. Fortunately, I found a job at an international company a few months ago where my colleagues are from all over the world. My mainly task is to be connected with other countries. I feel like I'm abroad, it is very enjoyable.

Let's move on!

Personally I like to learn languages. When I was in London I made friends with very nice Spanish people.

They sometimes spoke with each other in Spanish and that's the reason that I started to learn. Firstly I bought a book and I learnt at home and when I had learnt the basics I started to go to the Cervantes Institute. By this time I almost speak fluently in Spanish on a basic level. Thanks to that I visit the class two times in a week, furthermore I learn at least two hours per day, before or after work. It is up to my frame of mind. The course is going to finish very soon, but I am waiting the next level which is B1, it is almost intermediate.

Finally, two weeks ago my trial time expired and I already booked the flight ticket and the accommodation to Mallorca with my best friend again.

Although my heart is still broken, I try to enjoy the life and take it easy, and wait my prince on a white horse.

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