Hollybush Garden Centre

Hollybush Garden Centre


Posted 2015-05-05 by Simone Ribeirofollow

Since moving to England, I have started to understand some English habits that I wouldn't have before; gardening is a good example. People are pretty fond of their plants and shrubs here and it can be noticed in the rise of visitors to the garden centres around the country.

As I'm part of this group now, I just can't avoid my usual visit to one of the biggest garden centres in the UK: & Aquaria.

Located in Wolverhampton, Hollybush is an independent gardening centre with more than three decades of service. But it's far from being just a place to find seeds and bulbs. This two acres site has parking for over 600 cars is a giant complex and a restaurant, aquarium and miniature railway.

It' huge and I believe it makes for a nice day out for a family as well.

Fortunately, Hollybush is not just for experts in gardening! The facility offers a large range of plants, shrubs and trees. It's just delightful to get a bit of knowledge about outdoor and indoor plants.

From fruit trees to azaleas and outdoor bonsais, there is practically everything you can imagine to improve your garden there.

My favourite ones have a special place at Hollybush. I just love the Japanese and oriental garden area which is a true piece of Japan right in the middle of this gardening centre.

If you are looking for garden tools and furniture, this is a perfect place. And it's also a great way to put you in the mood for summer, even if you don't have a garden!

The range of benches, fountains and barbecue tools are just incredible. It's an invitation to start planning all those special meals outside the house.

The Aquaria is one of the great attractions at Hollybush. Kids just can't get enough of it. There is a huge variety of tropical, freshwater and marine fish in the tanks just waiting for the customers to buy or appreciate. The giant koi pond is very popular among the visitors. Other animal species are also popular there also - rabbits, snakes and spiders get the attention of most of people visiting the place.

Indoor Bonzai trees and cactuses are my favourite plants featured at Hollybush. The price is reasonable and there are deals to take advantage of, especially herbs. There is a whole area dedicated to them.

This garden centre is also famous for its events and talks, from exhibitions to talks with gardening TV presenters like Charlie Dimmock, Hollybush introduces different attractions throughout the year.

Ornaments, jewellery, traditional sweets, books, cards and gifts are other items that are also available in the shopping arcade. And I do recommend enjoying some cake and a cuppa at the Hollybush's restaurant and café. It`s pretty much welcomed after some many hours walking around the place.

And this way you will definitely complete the list of how to enjoy a traditional English garden day experience.

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