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Posted 2021-11-18 by Gill Lockhartfollow
The rumours are true... HMV is back in Southampton! There has been talk for some time that DVDs will make a come back and this may just be the case with HMV returning to Southampton High Street at Bargate.

The store opened on 12th November 2021, just in time for Christmas. The large store is well merchandised across one level with enough for every music, film, TV and pop culture lover out there.

You can't miss the massive pop culture swag tee wall, full of printed t-shirts to tickle everyone's fancy or the huge section dedicated to Japanese pop culture, including Japanese sweet treats, snacks and drinks. Don't miss the display of their famous flavoured Kit Kats. These are popular in Japan because of the similarity of "Kitto Katsu", a phrase meaning "You will surely win". There is also a large display of American candy on offer too.

K-Pop lovers will love the merchandise available, along with the hundreds of different figurines on display. Marvel and Harry Potter fans get their own stands, whilst superhero fans are spoilt for choice.

Fancy your own retro stand up Arcade Game? Choose from Mortal Kombat II, Pac Man or Street Fighter II and a piece of history can be yours.

LPs will always be a classic and there are some great bargains to be grabbed. Limited edition copies are available or how about Top Gun LP for 75p!

Compact discs also get featured with a large display. Are these also making a comeback? Who owns a CD player anymore!

There are also many games, board games, card games, books, clothing, bags and much more on display, making perfect gifts for any occasion.

Stuck on choosing? Let HMV do the hard work for you with their Pop Culture Mystery Boxes. Containing at least 5 items including Pop Culture/Licensed merchandise products from TV, film, music, gaming and more, valued at a minimum of £25, one can be bought for just £9.99.

With great value for money prices and some great deals on, don't miss a visit next time you are in Southampton city centre.

As a new addition back to Southampton. it's welcomed by many from the looks of their social media platforms. Follow them on Twitter , Instagram and TikTok for lots more updates.

Check out their opening times on the official HMV website .

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