What is Hipster & Vintage Fashion

What is Hipster & Vintage Fashion


Posted 2012-09-21 by Erikafollow

New style, old style or not style - what is Hipster ? Is there any relationship between the Hipster subculture and vintage clothing? In my opinion, this lifestyle has still not appeared in every country. I see as an external bystander that the following things are observable: the clothes have to be colourful, patterns such as a flowered, checked and striped are preferred and the more individual the style is, the better. The most important accessories are the big black frames. They prefer the lesser-known music artists, all whom you can meet at Vintage Festivals. The latest and the most important things are that the hipsters do not follow the new or modern trends and are not to be themselves hipsters.

I think it is very good that people have an idea about the lifestyle and the dress style. This thinking seems to be a new one and as a result the vintage shops and festivals started to open. You can discover more and more posters about vintage festivals. When I saw the poster in one of the underground station and read the performers I didn't know one, to be perfectly honest.

When I step into a branded shop, I can see new garment which is influenced by the Hipster style. If you feel a person who likes individual or funny clothes, I can recommend you two shops where you can find interesting things. These shops are in Cardiff at the Arcades in the city centre. You can meet the Simpsons and the Star Wars' "actors" as well. If you have a modern view of life but you need some garniture for carnivals or Halloween, visit these shops. You can not only see a beautiful city with huge castle and park, but you can renew your style or find really funny things. However in the Vintage Zizou shop, more elegant clothes are sold.

Back to the Hipster style, I don't know whether it truly exists or not. The people, who do not wear such clothes and objects, say that there are Hipsters. But the others, who wear such an individual patterns and colourful clothes and go to the vintage festivals, say that it doesn't.

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