Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel

Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel


Posted 2017-12-02 by Helen Clarkefollow
Last month, I attended a charity dinner and auction that took place at The Hilton, located on Deansgate in Manchester. I was a guest at a company table for the evening with the charity Destination Florida and my experience was without a doubt a positive one.

Upon arrival, my colleagues and I were greeted by friendly reception staff who when asked, informed us of which event room we needed to be in. We were told to head to the first floor and that further instructions would be given. We were then shown the lift and we made our way upstairs. The Hilton itself is a beautiful space with wide open areas, floor to ceiling windows to look out onto Manchester and clean marble floors. The hotel has a very affluent feel and I believe it to be kept in good condition as I did not encounter any dirt throughout the evening.

Before we sat down for our meal in-between entertainment, the waiting on staff made their way around each person inquiring about their dietary needs. This is something I much appreciated suffering from a nut allergy myself and I was pleased to learn that The Hilton operates a nut-free kitchen. During the event, the waiting on staff only ever appeared when it was necessary. For example, when food was being served, orders taken or drinks being poured. However, they were always visible should any issues arise. Our first course arrived and we were presented with a luxurious cheese and onion tart which quite literally melted in your mouth. We were offered still or sparkling water to accompany the meal and as further drinks were not included I chose to venture to the bar. I must admit again I was pleasantly surprised. Just a31.50 for a Cranberry Juice and the same for a Diet Pepsi I did expect a steeper price point.

The bar staff were very helpful in attending guests and letting myself and my friend in and out of the cloakroom for a cigarette break. The staff had an approachable manner, which again was pleasantly received. Back to our seats and the main course had arrived. We were treated this time to a braised rib steak with parsnips, roast carrots, green peas and creamy mash. Each mouthful was, and I do not exaggerate but delectable. The steak was tender, the mash tasted so fresh that one could believe the potatoes had only been removed from the ground an hour ago. The same can be said for the vegetables and the only complaint I would have would be that there simply wasn't enough. Such is the case with many expensive dining options, the food is divine but you must admit if you were sat alone and not in a high-class hotel you may have eaten someone else's leftovers to get get a full stomach.

Finally, our first course was served and although a Jaffa Cake Cheesecake seemed to be slightly off-book for The Hilton, it did not disappoint. Very rich in flavour and heavier than the rest of the menu, the cheesecake was the perfect dish to complement the foods that preceded it. As you have probably guessed by now I would definitely recommend The Hilton to anyone hoping for a superb meal, an elegant evening or indeed a venue for their next function. You may have heard a lot about The Hilton and like myself before visiting, wondered if it could really live up to all that hype but in fact, I believe it does.

How good is The Hilton? It's THAT good.

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