Herm Island - Guernsey

Herm Island - Guernsey


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Everyone has heard of Guernsey, but have you heard of Herm? At 1.5 miles long and 0.5 wide, I anticipate that you haven't. We two pubs, a hotel, a gift shop, and the smallest prison in the world; Herm is a hidden gem. If nothing else, I hope my photos will make you board the Trident ferry this summer for the 20 minutes boat ride to this unspoilt beauty. Timetables vary year round.

Herm has around 50 permanent residents, but come summer, thousands of visitors make the trip for the day or for longer. With accommodation based in one of the few stone cottages, or within the stunning White House Hotel , make Herm part of your holiday to Guernsey, or a holiday on its own.

Once off the trident, tide depending, you are greeted by the harbour steps and the immediate comfort of a beer within The Mermaid Tavern, or else a 10 minute walk from Rosaire steps on the edge of the island.

There are no cars on Herm, so while you will walk everywhere, a quad bike will transport your luggage to its destination.

Herm is a quieter pace of life. You can walk the coastal path in an hour with views of Sark, Guernsey, Alderney, and France. With unspoilt undulating hills, panoramic sea views, and the sunshine pouring down, what is not to love?

There are three main beaches on Herm: Fisherman's, Shell, and Belvoir Bay. Head past The Mermaid Tavern and you reach Fisherman's beach which runs beside the port.

If you want softer sand and more seclusion, walk further round the island through the heather and pick from Shell Beach and Belvoir Bay.

Shell Beach with its pristine, huge white sands beach is the first beach to greet you. With a small beach side cafe serving coffees and scoops of Guernsey Ice cream, as well as kayaking on offer Shell Beach attracts the families.

If Shell Beach doesn't quite tick the seclusion box, walk a little further and you reach my favourite beach, Belvoir Bay. Enclosed within the cliffs boasting fine white sand beaches, calm waters and a view of France and a cafe to boot, it is beautiful!

While the exterior weather may be misleading, the water around Herm is crisp and cold; enter with peril.

If your day on the sand or walking the coastal paths is over, head for a drink. Choose from The Ship Inn , a cocktail on the grounds of The White House Hotel, or a beer in the packed exterior terrace of The Mermaid Tavern.

Looking for a meal? 4* meals are served within the stunning White House Hotel Conservatory Room , with refined menus of exquisite local produce, and goblets of wine to keep you satisfied. Looking for something a little less fancy? Head to The Mermaid Tavern's Grill Room for incredible rump and sirloin steaks, pork belly and plenty more. Or after a family affair? Head inside The Mermaid Tavern for excellent service and refined pub grub.

And if you time it right, The Mermaid Tavern hosts a beer festival in June and September which are well worth a visit.

Herm is an island like no other; secluded, unspoilt, and unforgettable. As you leave through the old fort stone gate to Rosaire steps, head back to the modern world with a sigh.

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