Heart - Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre

Heart - Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre


Posted 2013-01-28 by Daniellefollow
HEART is a community centre that is open to the public and developed by local people. It provides facilities for those wanting to express their art and show it to the public. It also gives people that are interested in developing their knowledge or following their passion through the arts a chance to come and look at others work, discuss and have a lovely time.

HEART has been running for five years now, and is always looking for new ideas to keep this old renovated school thriving and full of life.

Their vision is to create a vibrant and welcoming space for a wide range of people to meet, mix, work and play and to thrive through the ideas and activities of the people who use it.

There are many different events going on at HEART, to make sure they reach everyone's needs and adding variety. HEART usually hosts one off events, so that they can keep adding variety. Some of the events including jazz nights, film nights, art nights and many more. Usually the events at HEART will take place on an evening or Saturdays to make sure there is a chance for all to see.

As well as there being events, HEART also hosts many groups and classes to the public to help develop peoples artistic skills as well. Why not try one of the try one of their workshops and see if you can develop your skills, make new friends and just have an over all great experience.

There are further things that happen here that do not appear on these calendars at all; these include private functions (weddings, parties etc) and a number of regular support groups.

I myself have tried one or two or the events and workshops and every class that I have been involved in has been a great experience. Why not have a look and see if any of the events at this exciting and thriving place take your fancy at the website .

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