Health & Wellness Careers Expo & Open Days

Health & Wellness Careers Expo & Open Days


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For many people, the prospect of living and working in London is a dream come true. The culmination of years of perseverance and hard work, combined with the success of a nervous thirty minutes as you attempt to impress and dazzle your way through a sweaty-palmed interview.

But what happens when life your dream job doesn't turn out the way you envisioned? What happens when everything you thought you wanted from your career, simply isn't what you expected?

Whether it's the demands of a high-pressure environment, long hours, frequent stress, or merely boredom - they can all take their toll. The answer to this unfortunate stagnation of both soul and spirit will undoubtedly vary from person to person, but for some bold individuals, the answer is simple; it's to change career entirely.

Health and wellbeing – albeit a relatively broad umbrella term – has been one of the more popular alternative careers in recent times. Considered a "fad" just a few years ago, it's now a popular part of mainstream culture and arguably an intrinsic part of the "London lifestyle". As demand for high-quality nutrition, exercise, healthy food, meditation and yoga has increased, so to have the number of qualified professions looking to cater to this demand.

There are clearly lots of different ways to work within the health and wellbeing industry, from personal training to meditation to teaching yoga, and everything in between. However fundamentally changing your career can be especially daunting when you're just getting started, and you may need a bit of clarification that you're actually making the right decision.

So in order to help you consider what's available, here are some upcoming courses and seminars throughout London for those considering their place in the rat race, and interested in pursuing a career in the health and wellbeing industry.
The Best You EXPO 2018

Where: London Olympia.

When: 16th – 17th February 2018

The Best You Expo has been heralded as a one of a kind event for anyone who's interested in living the best life that they can – which is probably all of us.

Whether that's through practicing mindfulness, yoga, encouraging your own personal development, or promoting wellbeing in the workplace, The Best You Expo is your chance to explore the latest wellbeing initiatives on offer throughout London.

The 2-day event will hold a variety of exhibitions, speakers and teachers (all available to impart their own little piece of wisdom) in the hope of inspiring people to reach their full potential in life.

While the inaugural event was in 2009, next year heralds a slight shift in focus. Historically aimed at personal development, providing individuals with the various tools and techniques necessary for self-improvement, event organisers are now hoping to encourage a larger movement.

By providing motivational, education and leadership psychology, the hope is that the event will play its part towards inspiring groups of people to help make the world a better place.

It sounds like a grandiose and clichéd claim, but through the education and empowerment of whole communities, the desire is that people can facilitate a global change by creating greater awareness of the vital issues throughout the world – plus it's a great place to network and maybe get some impartial advice about the health and wellbeing industry.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course **

Where: The Minded Institute

For yoga aficionados, the possibility of becoming a yoga teacher can be an alluring proposition. Particularly for those working in a profession where there's an increasing chance of burnout and exhaustion, having a job where the reduction of stress and anxiety is a core tenant, certainly has its appeal.

A 200-hour yoga teacher training course has enabled many with a passion for health and wellbeing, to turn an enjoyable pastime, into a serious career. While most courses will require you to have some form of yoga experience, you typically won't need to have any formal teaching experience.

With many of the benefits of yoga straddling both mental and physical health, the course from The Minded Institute has a firm basis in neuroscience and physiology, enabling students to learn how to support individuals who may have complex or multi-faceted needs.

All students leave with a deep understanding of how to safely teach yoga in a variety of settings – which of course is paramount - while providing the opportunity to explore what some consider to be a fulfilling career in the health and wellbeing industry.

Taking approximately 6-month to complete, the course is accredited with Yoga Alliance UK, and delivers a high-quality program that has been curated for people who wish to explore the modern practice of yoga.

Learning To Cook Raw Food **

Where: The Raw Chef, Hackney Downs Studios

When: 13th and 14th Jan 2018

The last few years have led many of us to become more knowledgeable on the importance of retaining the nutrients in the food we eat. Raw food - in its purist form - is about not heating foods above 42 degrees C to maintain the nutritional quality of the vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes in the food.

While people will almost certainly have different interpretations of the raw food diet and what it means, the growing popularity of healthy eating restaurants, stores, recipes and any number of other innovative businesses is undeniable.

The Times newspaper has labelled Russell James as the UK's leading raw food chef, and those considering a change in career can take some solace in the fact that he went through something similar. After holding down a driving instructors job to make ends meet, James now holds raw food for beginners courses at his Hackney Downs Studios in East London.

The course isn't designed for everyone to suddenly "go raw" over a single weekend, but simply to open up the world of raw food, and introduce people to the passion that has fundamentally changed his working life.
Naturopathy Open Day

Where: College of Naturopathic Medicine

When: Saturday 3rd February 2018

For those new to Naturopathy, the simple premise is that you view the whole person when trying to understand the cause of disease, not just isolated symptoms. The Hippocratic School of Medicine first used these very principles in about 400 BC, which basically makes it very old!

It was from this original school of thought that helped to form the foundation of Naturopathy that we know today, and includes a variety of natural healing practices such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.
While it's undeniably important for anyone considering a career in health and wellbeing to receive the appropriate training and qualifications, a Naturopath typically practices in a freelance environment, with the option to work in a variety of hospitals, spas and research environments.

The College of Naturopathic Medicine is one of the UK's largest and a highly respected naturopathic training provider. First started in 1998 by Hermann Keppler (a homoeopath who has more than 30 years' experience), today the CNM has centres all over the UK, and provides diploma courses in becoming a Natural Chef, Naturopathic Nutrition, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy.

For anyone considering their options, they're holding an open day on the 3rd February (from 10:00am – 5:30pm) to provide an overview of the various disciplines on offer, including Chinese Medicine, Superfoods, and guidance on how to have a thriving career within the health and wellbeing industry.

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