The Making of Harry Potter: Warner Brothers Studio Tour

The Making of Harry Potter: Warner Brothers Studio Tour


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Having recently moved to London, the Harry Potter studio tour was amongst the top things on my to do list whilst in London. And there, needless to say, I was pretty quick smart to research the whereabouts and the timings of the tours. Located in the Warner Brothers Studio about one hour north of London, in Leavesden, it is an easy day trip over the weekend or school holidays.

Advanced tour bookings are essential as slots get filled up quickly and booking about a week prior to going, there was only one tour left for Sunday evening when we ended up going. Parking is easily accessed and free just outside the studio. The ticket cost 31 pounds per adult when purchased online.

After a brief introduction in the foyer area by one of the studio staff, the attendees were allowed to enter the theatre where a ten minute video about the making of the film was presented by Harry, Hermione and Ron themselves (on screen of course). Following this was what we'd all been waiting for - to visualise and enter the magical world created by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter series and see the behind the scenes of how it was brought to life in the movies.

The Great Hall was definitely a highlight of the tour, and a great place to start, portraying the details of how the majestic Hogwarts Hall was created. The second biggest highlight for me was the butterbeer that you can purchase from the refreshments stalls situated at the back of the studio in an open space, which tasted absolutely surprisingly delicious - a mix of sweet, bitter and salt. Amazing. Here you can also see Privet Drive, the triple decker Knight Bus, Hogwarts bridge, and other surprises including the Weasley family magical flying car.

Walking through the exhibition hall, the sets, props, costuming, hair, creature technology, architecture, lighting, videography, design and computer graphics were all revealed; opening up imaginations, and sparking amazement at the amount of detail and work involved behind the scenes. There were a lot of 'oohs and aahs' when it came to the precise scaled model of Hogwarts- a smaller and a much larger version; and guests even got to sit on broomsticks and watch themselves flying through the magical and muggle worlds of Harry Potter.

The tour ended in the souvenir shop with a vast array of trinkets, lollies, costumes etc. that could be purchased- which I personally thought were way too overpriced. Plenty of photo opportunities throughout, except in the green screen area with the broomsticks. The kids will adore the tour and so will the adults.

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