Gusto Italian Restaurant

Gusto Italian Restaurant


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This wholesome yet daring Italian in Knutsford is just so lovely.
Full and fresh flavours combined with that irreplaceable Italian lo so non soh, Gusto is Knutsford's little gem.

As you pull up on the carpark the first thing you notice is the pretty lights at the window. These fairy lights drape the window and add a romantic element to the overall wow factor.

You walk in and it's like an expensive jazz bar; soft music is playing in the background. It's long as opposed to wide and the bar to the right is stacked with wine and liquor. If you want to sit near by the pretty lights in the window, you must reserve it. The tables are quite close together, unless your sitting on the raised stools at the bar.

All the waiters are Italian, so they know what they're talking about when they discuss the food. Gusto really is an a slice of Italy in Cheshire.

You always begin with garlic bread and olives. The Garlic bread is baked, dressed in a buttery garlic dressing that is lightly sweet, salty and good.

Baby scallops in an avocado on rocket salad:

Baby scallops with rocket salad:

The scallops were cooked to perfection; they were so moreish, but at the same time the starter was a perfect portion size, although you could have eaten this three times over and been satisfied.

Lamb on aubergine canneloni:

The aubergine canneloni didn't even taste like pasta; it wasn't al dente and it melted in the mouth, was full of flavour, creamy and had a tarrgaon flavour. The lamb was well cooked, but it was the canneloni that stole my heart.


Meaty and fresh, in a garlic sauce that was complimented with very good white wine. You could tell it was fresh-water lobster and because it was so pure. I could have gladly eaten this twice in one sitting.

Coffee affogato

This dessert was the right size after a two course meal. If you're not in the mood for dessert, it wakes you up if you have a long drive ahead and makes you ready for bed because of the liqueur warming your belly.

I can't praise Gusto's dishes enough, it is Italian cooking at its very best, and if you are in the Knutsford area, it would be a crime not to go in.

Gusto has a deep, grown up flavour that makes you realise you're an adult who can afford to eat good Italian cuisine.

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