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Gunns MMA & Fitness


Posted 2013-01-22 by Niki Puskasfollow

For those of you who are like me, in a never-ending search for the 'real deal' when it comes to moving your body, I have a hidden gem to share.

Took me so long to discover, as I am not willing to compromise, settle for the 'English gym experience' ... no offence guys, but I personally do not even start sweating in those classes.

Furthermore, always found extremely boring working out on machines, weight lifting, spinning, running .... yawn!
I want to push myself to the extreme, 'die on the floor' but not give up, naturally, all this in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Delightful news, I have found all these hidden in East Dulwich, run by Mr. Gunn himself.

The most pleasant surprise, it is a proper boxing gym, with extremely friendly and welcoming people. I just randomly dropped in, but no one made me feel uncomfortable at all, in spite of the fact that to be fair, I don't really think women often set foot there.

They are disciplined, have respect for everyone and you walk out of there completely satisfied with a huge smile on your face feeling every little inch of your body - yes, you're alive!

This post is calling out for both sexes, because gentleman believe me, you could really use some of this exercise! And tough ladies, if you are looking for a place you will truly love and feel really comfortable at, look no further.

They run MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling classes. Plus the Sunday Taekwondo, and there is an exclusive women only class on Saturday. In regards of improving your stamina, get out there for a refreshing Saturday morning run, and do not miss the Circuit Madness on the Mondays.

They even have a TRX Suspension Trainer, so I am telling you, these guys know what they're doing! And all this at affordable prices! Whats more, if you have little ones, they run kids classes too, so if you desperately need to get rid of all that extra energy - problem solved.

I have been doing sports since I was 4, so trust me, had seen and tried a lot of things as being restless, having a professional 'Muay Thai man' little brother who is obviously a mountain compared to me, so being very critical and actually competent, its my pleasure to say this place has absolutely got five stars from me!

So get active today, you can thank me tomorrow.

Here's the link to their official website.

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