Graphic Cocktail Bar

Graphic Cocktail Bar


Posted 2012-03-16 by Anna Sfollow
Trying to find a place that sells cocktails in London isn't hard, but coming across somewhere that sells good cocktails is. That's where Graphic comes in.

So what if the term cocktail originated in the USA? Who cares if Americans have an insatiable appetite for cocktails? So do we. The dainty hand of a distinguished lady as she sips upon a Bellini. The manly tones of a tuxedo-wearing gent as he asks for his martini shaken, not stirred. Head to this hidden gem for the perfect Cocktail.

Always fresh and cool, Golden Square's Graphic doesn't stay the same for long as the venue gets entrusted to a different graphic artist every six months for a complete revamp.

When someone wants to meet up at a bar in Soho, my immediate suggestion is Graphic and here's why:

-It's spacious
-It has comfortable couches
-It has a vast cocktail menu and skilled bartenders
-It does food
-It has table service
-It serves booze in paint tins (seriously)
-It has so many different types of gin. And I love gin.

The ceiling is another point of interest as it is dotted with large old-fashioned filament light-bulbs in different shapes and sizes. The place is obviously cool but without trying terribly hard to do so.

With such a focus on the work of emerging artists and its position at the Soho media hub, you could expect to meet illustrators and designers with funky attires but the crowd is more buttoned-down shirts and sequins than NikeiD trainers and fluro colours. More mainstream and less artistic than what you might imagine, Graphic attracts a crowd in their mid-to-late twenties, who flock in groups from the local offices – PPL, Virgin and Paramount offices are close by - creating a buzzy atmosphere. DJs are in session on busier nights, too.

You might not expect a cocktail bar to put as much effort into the food but, in fact, the food is crafted with more care and quality ingredients than many restaurants.

Now, on to the cocktail menu .

The best cocktail here has to be the award winning Breakfast at Tiffany's, with homemade apricot preserve, Belvedere Pomorancza and lemon. Don't leave without trying one for just £7.90.

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