The Granary Healthy Eating Cafe

The Granary Healthy Eating Cafe


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The Granary healthy eating cafe is located in the quaint north London town of Wood Green hidden amongst the ever growing number of fast food restaurants.

I myself love health food and have recently become a vegetarian for the second time in my life owing to the fact that I find the taste of meat unsatisfying and tasteless. I always love finding new places to eat especially places that offer fresh, healthy and delicious food.

Usually these place within London cost an arm and a leg to eat at, but this tiny little cafe in Wood Green was scarily cheap, the staff were friendly and the food...well it was just my cup of tea.

Within this market place lies an array of stalls, one of them being this little cafe tucked away in the midst of it all:

I love salads and wraps and this place offered an amazing choice, many people would describe salads as 'Rabbit food' and 'plain and boring' but this place certainly put those opinions to rest.

They had an amazing choice of fillings for sandwiches, where they offered white/brown bread, buns, baps and wraps. They also offered salad boxes which were a very respectable size and only set you back £3.50!

I had the veggie salad but I was very tempted by the Halloumi salad, as it's my favorite cheese and you very rarely find a cafe/restaurant that offers that as a choice. I went to this cafe with my little sister and she chose a brown tuna bap and was offered any salad choice within the bap at no extra cost, she's only young so she chose to have some extra cucumber and nothing else.

Here is a picture of my salad:

As you can see certainly not a plain salad, such an array of colours and choice, I could have chosen exactly what I wanted on my plate and believe it or not there was more I could have had! But it tasted amazing and everything was fresh and tasty.

My sisters bap:

It was a giant size full to the brim with tuna and cucumber, and at an amazing price of £2, what more could you ask for!

It was a very tiny place which had a few seats just outside however, the very friendly staff brought your orders out to you along with a mixture of condiments and sauces,I was given a lovely home-made salsa and mint raita to go with my salad. Yum Yum.

A lovely healthy cafe in Wood Green, reasonable prices and amazing staff, highly recommended! 5 stars *

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