Gourmet Burger Kitchen @ Tower Hill

Gourmet Burger Kitchen @ Tower Hill


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Gourmet Burger Kitchen , or GBK as its locals call it, is a franchise burger join that was created in 2001 by three Kiwis who wanted to take the humble burger and treat it with the respect it had back home in New Zealand. Flash forward to now and you will find a GBK in over fifty locations in England alone.

[ADVERT]It was my last day at work and my team decided to take me out for a burger. As GBK was close to our work, we decided to stop by and see what all the fuss was about. Around Tower Bridge you will find many offices, so it is only natural that many workers on a Friday decide to have a 'Fat Friday' and go and indulge in a burger to get them through the second half of their daily grind.

We were seated to a table immediately and given menus to scan. After deliberation over the twenty-four burger options, I went for The Taxi Driver - American cheese, onion ring, Cajun relish, smoked chilli mayo, dill pickle, salad on a brioche bun - teamed with a side of signature GBK Homeslaw and Skinny Fries.

The burgers came out quite promptly and were cooked medium and delicious. I contemplated how I was going to put the tower-of-a-burger in my mouth, and decided to cut it in half, squash it down and hope for the best.

The highlight of The Taxi Driver was its addition of the fried onion ring, which gave it just that nice crunch to complete the burger. My former colleagues were also happy with their burgers and sides, with one ordering a lamb burger and the other a chicken burger. The Skinny Fries were delicious and much skinnier than normal French fries. They were crispy and fluffy inside, just as fries should be, even ones of this minuscule size.

There was no rush to leave the venue too, which I appreciated. I mean after everything, who wants to go back to work so quickly?

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